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Hi! I'm Akumeoy.

You might also know me by my Wikidot username, which is "Communism will win". It's not ironic.



My Pages:

You probably shouldn't look at any of these in front of your parents.

Some notes:

  • I'm 27 years old. My pronouns are they/them.
  • While Scranton Reality Anchors are named after me, I've had very little to do with their use on the wiki. I have no connection to the character of Robert Scranton.
  • I would love to see any fan content that's made of my work, either by you or by someone else!
    • If you would like me to contribute to your fan content, feel free to message me about it.
  • I used to host the Lost and Foundation podcast. It's on indefinite hiatus, but I'm open to appearing on other podcasts.
  • I am not currently accepting requests for feedback or any form of financial support.
  • I am not a member of the SCP Wiki, and cannot respond to comments here. You'll need to message me directly through Wikidot or social media.
  • I have a few dozen newer articles that I've posted to the SCP Commune. Other people have also posted a lot of cool stuff there.


Who's this douchebag?

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