Dr. Valence's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Adrian D. Valence, PhD. PhD. PhD.

Security Clearance Level: ███████

Occupation: Electrical Engineer, Computer Analyst, Programmer, Mathematician, University Professor, SysAdmin.

SCP Files Documented:

Memorable Quotes:

"As scientists, there is a boundary which we must always know and respect, and take care not to cross: the boundary between God's domain and our own." ~ Adrian Valence


Adrian Valence is a slightly tall man in his thirties. His most memorable features are his well-kempt brown hair and matching brown beard, and his dull hazel eyes. Adrian is of average build, leaning ever-so-slightly towards the heavier side. He is almost never seen without his glasses, and will frequently adjust them while speaking.

Dr. Valence has, over the course of several years, achieved a triple PhD. in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics. His cover job is as a Professor at ███████ University in [DATA EXPUNGED], but the full extent of his talent shows in his work with the SCP Foundation. Adrian's combination of expertise makes him the perfect researcher for electronics and computer based SCPs. He also works as a system administrator and analyst for the SCP Foundation's network.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Dr. Adrian Valence, PhD. PhD. PhD.

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