Dr. Tuna's Personnel File

Name: Dr. ████ Tuna

Security Clearance: Level 2/1118-1528-1299

Facility: None (see below)

Profile: Dr. ████ Tuna prior to employment by the Foundation was employed at one ██████ inc. as the head of human resources, having earned his doctorate in industrial psychology from ████████ university. Approximately nine months after his arrival, the organization was acquired by ███████, a Marshall Carter & Dark Ltd. front company. At the time, the Foundation had multiple moles within ███████ and so were able to successfully raid ██████ inc. after the merger, acquiring the recently transferred SCPs ███, ███, and ████.

During the Foundation raid, stray gunfire shattered the glass of the company's 1.9 kiloliter aquarium behind which Dr. Tuna was hiding behind. Approximately █ minutes later during routine clean up procedures, Dr. Tuna was found shaking on the ground, covered in shards of glass and with one ███ pound tuna with its mouth closed around his right arm up to the shoulder. Due to his extensive psychiatric experience as well as his knowledge of the aforementioned SCPs and Marshall Carter & Dark Ltd, he was offered a tentative position within the Foundation. The circumstances surrounding his recruitment as well as the apparent inclination to eat only meals in which tuna is the main ingredient and the tendency for both subordinate and overseeing staff to write Dr. Tuna on all official forms has led to his current Foundation designation.

Owing to Dr. Tuna's work on sentience and mass psychology, he currently works as a mobile Foundation asset, overseeing applicable experiments at multiple Foundation sites.

SCP objects overseen by Dr. Tuna:

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