Dr. Trebuchet's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Epiphany "Trebs" Trebuchet

Security Clearance: Level 2/811-████-████

Occupation: Researcher and Animal Enrichment Specialist.

Facility Location: Bio-Research Area-12.

Profile: Dr. Trebuchet is one of the Foundation's most diminutive and least talkative researchers, but possibly one of its most obsessively dedicated. Her coworkers describe her manner as being very stern, blunt, and intolerantly no-nonsense, but not particularly confrontational or aggressive outside of that. She is 31 years old, slightly over one metre tall, and requires a two-step foot stool to be present in any lab she happens to be working in. Her combined chronic insomnia and extreme workaholic tendencies have led to her almost never actually going home. When she does sleep, it's usually on her lab's "crash cot", and late-night snack raids of the cafeteria are frequent.

On the occasions that Dr. Trebuchet does speak, it is often in Spoonerisms, and she is very selfconscious about this. In stark contrast to her verbal taciturnity, Dr. Trebuchet's writing tends towards being incredibly verbose, with an exacting attention to detail. She has served as a consultant on several projects in regards to best simulating a living SCP object's natural habitat while keeping within budget and adhering to safety and security protocol.

Although it is outside her preferred specialty, Dr. Trebuchet has been given full training as a specialist member of Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats"), due to her short stature being an asset in dealing with certain kinds of spatial anomalies.

It should be noted that Dr. Trebuchet has a very strong sense of ethics, and is, as such, to be kept off of any projects requiring moderate or greater ethical flexibility.

Medical assessment indicates a complete dependence on (and apparently ever-increasing tolerance to) pharmaceutical sleep aids. Current prescribed dosage of [REDACTED] is ████mg, almost █ times the LD50.

History: Dr. Trebuchet was born on 6 January, 1979, in Bordeaux, France. [DATA EXPUNGED] professional zookeeper at [REDACTED] for 8 years, two of which were spent managing the ad-hoc containment of what would later be designated SCP-████. When SCP-████ was taken into Foundation custody, Dr. Trebuchet chose to be recruited rather than amnesticised.

SCPs Archived:
SCP-023 ("Black Shuck")
SCP-135 ("Universal Carcinogen")
SCP-811 ("Swamp Woman")
SCP-1284 ("The Moon's Child Bride")
SCP-1359 ("Indulgence In Flesh")

Tales Archived:
Gears's Birthday Special: "Kindness"
Six Little Mice
Four Tines Blind
Mothers' Love
Snail Tale

Essays Archived:
So You Want to Write a Humanoid SCP Object

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