Dr. Tonne's personnel File

Name: Dr. Phillip N Tonne

Security Clearance Level: 3


Dr. Tonne

Occupation: Field researcher, minor anomalous item research, Librarian

Profile: A snarky self proclaimed narcoleptic, Dr. Tonne can often be found in his down time sleeping in his office or looking through the latest additions to the Foundations log of anomalous items, for objects he can claim which relate to his interests in western animation and modern folklore.

Despite being one of the quieter and level headed members at Site-17, Dr. Tonne's disconcerting bodily movements and intentionally grimaced smile often makes his overall presence somewhat discomforting and at times, almost baleful. Despite much evidence pointing towards this behaviour being simply an uncontrollable physical habit of his, many staff have insisted that Dr. Tonne appears to enjoy the sight of other researchers flinching in his presence a little too much, for him not to realise to some degree what he is doing.

One thing to note about Dr. Tonne is his relation to arachnids, having shown great interest and curiosity towards multiple spider like anomalies in the past, in hopes of further studying them. This fact has brought up much confusion and concern amongst staff, seeing as Dr. Tonne himself is an arachnophobe, and also due to a fleeting rumour that his own shadow on occasion has shown to have multiple limbs. Dr. Tonnes tendency to just ‘accept the weird’ has led to his overly accepting attitude of anomalies. When questioned about this, Dr. Tonne has claimed keeping one foot in reality is often not enough to keep himself grounded in it, especially when the remaining seven aren’t.

Dr. Tonnes unnaturally quiet and unforeseeable nature has surprised staff on multiple occasion. Reaching a point where literal hours have passed before anyone even notices he is in the same room as them. One notable event being during a discussion which included top secret information regarding SCP-████, which resulted in Dr. Tonne being promoted to clearance level 3 by Dr. ██████, in-order to avoid them the embarrassment of explaining why no one noticed a level 2 researcher in the meeting room, and bothered to tell him to leave before discussing confidential information strictly for level 3 personnel and above. All Dr. Tonne has reported recalling from this meeting is ’Something about a pyramid that swears allot’ and ’Someone landing on a third moon’.

Dr. Tonne is currently stationed at Site-17 working under researcher Dr. Weppler.

Dr. Tonne has primarily worked with the following SCPs:
SCP-2261 Community Policing
SCP-2476 I Didn't Expect That
SCP-2492 Soul Beacon
SCP-2839 Dr Weppler's Personnel File
SCP-2958 Marooned
SCP-3061 Reluctant Fiend
SCP-3097 A Game Of Fetch
SCP-3332 Anchoring For A Citroen
SCP-3401 Anyone Fancy A Cup of Jade? Or maybe some Earl, or Jasmine?
SCP-3992 Wondertainment Wacky Halloween Fun Masks!
SCP-4443 OooOOOooo…
SCP-4537 Artist's Syndrome
SCP-4891 A Great Pestilence
SCP-5161 Hooked
SCP-5505 Hook, Line, And Sinker
SCP-5619 A Couple of Cuppas
SCP-5912 To Climb Is to Live
SCP-6154 Happy New Year SCP Foundation!
SCP-6383 The One True Anomaly
SCP-6543 In Remembrance
SCP-6612 Horse Joke
SCP-6627 The Wonderson Factory
SCP-6910 Ms. Remeneice
SCP-6926 Ho Ho Whatever
SCP-6950 The Ghost of Wendy's Road
SCP-7888 A Reminder

SCP-055-J Who Knows?
SCP-294-J Genesis, Freshly Brewed
SCP-ROCKS-J A Pile Of Rocks That Need To Shut The Hell Up

Shot Down

Other research:
UIU File: 2016-004

And iii… helped:
SCP-2287 Mr. Headless

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