Theseus Grimm's Personnel File
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Security Clearance: 4

Occupation: SCP Researcher and Head of the Department of Civilian Sightings

Specializations: Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Metaphysics.

Site of Operations: Site-81

SCP Files Filed
SCP-7045 - "Is this your tape recorder?"
SCP-7051 - Never Truly Alone
SCP-7059 - Free Falling
SCP-7064 - Hello! What can I get you today?
SCP-7083 - I can't find them. There's only soup!

Profile: Dr. Grimm caught the Foundation's attention after an incident with SCP-████. He was detained and interviewed by a Researcher ██████. Dr. Grimm proceeded to look into Researcher ██████'s mind and switch their roles as interviewer and interviewee. Dr. Grimm was then placed under surveillance for 29 hours in a holding cell before being employed at the Foundation.

Dr. Grimm has the anomalous ability to psychically use the fear of being watched or having your secrets revealed to affect people around him. Dr. Grimm's can range from the fear itself, forcing someone to feel as though they are being watched, and the ability to know about others from a certain distance. Dr. Grimm has been polite when relaying this information to the Foundation and has been granted level 4 clearance.

Though he has high clearance, Dr. Grimm will only be permitted to work with specialists in certain studies. These studies include Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Metaphysics, and any contact with a specialist in another field should be handled with caution to limit Dr. Grimm's specialties.

Note - 12/21/21: Dr. Grimm has been granted permission to work with specialists in other fields as long as he does not psychically read their thoughts or memories. - O5-5

Dr. T. Grimm Personal Files

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