Dr. "Spaztique" Z's Personnel File

Name: D████ C. Z████████

Codename: “Spaztique” (prefers “Spaz” during field recovery and off-hours). Will also take "Dr. Z."

Location: Site 16

Security Clearance: Level 3 Security

Duties: Field Research, Field Recovery, SCP Research and Review, Backup Photographer

SCP's Documented:
SCP-623 - One Groovy Room
SCP-622 - Desert in a Can
SCP-621 - Hypnobulbs
SCP-624 - "Personal" Music Player
SCP-631 - Nyctophobic Omnivore

Other Documents:
SCP-624 Test Log

Background: Considered skills include backgrounds in….

  • Humanistic Psychology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Three years military experience with [REDACTED].
  • Ten years of photography experience, █ years of combat photography experience. To take photographs and record videos of SCP’s when Agent S██████ is not present.
  • Culinary background in sweets. To work in the Site 16 cafeteria during special occasions.

It should be of note that Dr. Z████████’s doctorate is in liberal arts. Dr. Z████████ has a limited scientific background and has, in fact, failed chemistry once in the past. In conversation, he wishes to retain his title as "Dr. Z" in that it is easier to say than Field Researcher Z████████.

Note: To be fair, the only reason I failed chemistry the first time was because they never let me use a cheat sheet for the dimensional analysis conversions. Thank God the Foundation lets me use them whenever I want. –Dr. Spaztique

Note: As of █/██/██, any personnel catching Dr. Z████████ using a cheat sheet are to report him to Dr. D███ or available Command Level Personnel for disciplining. –O5-█

Profile: Dr. Z████████, aka Dr. Z or field name "Spaztique", joined Site 16 personnel on █/██/09. Dr. Spaztique is known to lapse between absolute professionalism, maintaining perfectly sober composure with no room for nonsense, and raw rookie energy.

Dr. Z████████ previously specialized in, or at least wanted to specialize in, non-living SCP’s of any class. His reasoning behind this was from hearing many stories involving the dangerous decommissioning of these living SCP’s, wishing to keep Site 16 as safe as possible. This does not mean that Dr. Z████████ is a pushover: Dr. Z████████ has regularly volunteered to help secure a number of SCPs out in the field, but has sustained many injuries for it.

Dr. Z████████ Injury Record

█/██/10 - Incident 682B-C1: Minor cuts and bruises when securing SCP-631. Injuries came from running away and tripping. Recovered on █/██/11.

█/██/12 - Incident 711D-A2: Exposure to SCP-███. As of ██/██/12, Dr. Z████████ is back to semi-regular health, but must be monitored by site personnel at all times. In the event Dr. Z████████ begins glowing blue, evacuate that section of Site 16 and quarantine the area for at least twenty four (24) hours.

██/██/13 - Incident [REDACTED]: [DATA EXPUNGED]. As of 6/18/16, Dr. Z████████ is back in this dimension, albeit very disoriented. Dr. Z████████ should recover by 8/30/16. To be monitored for further anomalous behaviors.

8/31/16 - Incident 1203-D11: Fall in the breakroom, numerous coffee burns. Dr. Z████████'s recovery is proving slower than we thought, as he has still not re-adapted to Earth's gravity. Will have to remain wheelchair-bound for the time being.

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