Dr. Solo's Personnel File
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Name: Doctor Edwin Solo

Security Clearance: 3.5

Duties: TBD

Location: Site-19

Profile: Unanimously described as “resoundingly average” and “sufficient, I suppose”, Doctor Ed Solo has had a medium-length and not particularly interesting career with The Foundation. Doctor Solo just barely meets the necessary criteria for Foundation employment, and has been the recipient of no accolades, honors, or awards.

Long serving as a Junior Researcher, Ed was promoted to the position of Intermediate Researcher after Administration deemed him to be “better than junior, I guess, but does he really deserve the SR position?”. To date, he remains the only Foundation employee to be given this title.

After being hired, Dr. Solo was never officially assigned to any department, and so he currently drifts from team to team, doing standard work and impressing no one. His remarkable aptitude for lackluster but acceptable work has resulted in a track record completely devoid of containment breaches, commendations, fatal accidents, successful re-containments, breakthroughs, or any notable discoveries, infractions, merits, demerits, or otherwise differentiating events.

Current Projects

Objects catalogued by Dr. Solo
SCP-2263 The Skeleton Gallery
SCP-2235 Mud Man
SCP-2484 Parasitic Mayonnaise Worms
SCP-2363 The Womb Farm
SCP-2463 An Emperor's Debt Written for the MTF 2016 Contest
SCP-2563 Bones Of Contention
SCP-2663 Dionysus
SCP-2763 The Tragedy of SCP-2763, A Modern Euclid Tale
SCP-2963 A D-Class, a Sarkicist, and a Yithian Written for the 2016 D-Class Contest
SCP-2863 がしゃどくろ
SCP-2635 Hot Potato
SCP-2633 Narcotic Crustaceans Written for the 2017 History Contest
SCP-2634 A Higher Power
SCP-3063 A fly Written for the SCP-3000 Contest

Additional Documentation by Dr. Solo
Gears Is Totally Not A Robot Guys Written for the One-Day Crackfic Contest Winner
Project Osanshouo, 2006

Collected works of the Philosopher Mónos

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