Dr. Severe's Personnel File

Name: Doctor Austin Severe

Occupation: Class 3 researcher, engineering liaison.

Location: Currently stationed at site-41 as the on-site supervisor of SCP-567.

History: Austin Severe was born in 19██ in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute, where he received BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. He then went on to receive his PhD in particle physics from the California Institute of Technology. Dr. Severe worked as an engineer for [REDACTED] for three years, and then at [REDACTED] for an additional four. He was first detained and then hired by the Foundation following Incident [REDACTED].

In addition to serving as a researcher, Dr. Severe acts as and the liaison between Foundation researchers and engineers. He ensures that the engineering teams have a full understanding of the needs and requirements for containing various SCP objects, and assists them in designing the proper facilities. He also analyzes the final designs, to insure that these requirements are met.

Psych Profile: Overall, Dr. Severe is a relatively stable individual. He does, however, possess two notable personality quirks. The first is that he has trouble reading a situation and determining when a serious demeanor is called for. He will often make attempts at humor at inappropriate times, and as such should not have any junior researchers assigned to him. His other quirk appears to be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, in that he can be seen wearing a hard hat at all times while at work, even when eating lunch or attending meetings. When asked about this, he simply replies "better safe than sorry", and refuses to elaborate further. Whether this is a result of past trauma, an attempt at humor, or true paranoia is unknown.

Dr. Severe is currently assigned to the following SCP Objects:
SCP-022: Designed and oversaw the construction and installation of containment equipment.
SCP-235: Partnered with Dr. Schmasher to determine the source of its effect.
SCP-433: Possesses partial knowledge of the ritual, and has observed all testing footage.
SCP-471: Currently researching methods of blocking the transmission emanating from SCP-471.
SCP-567: Currently assigned as the supervisor of SCP-567 and TF Delta-9.
SCP-991: Has full knowledge of its functions and operations. Testing on SCP-991 requires the approval of either Dr. Severe or a higher ranking member of the Foundation.
SCP-1111: Oversees containment facility and examines and analyzes all relevant data.

Records relating to Dr. Severe:
Units: Troubleshooting equipment and personnel.

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