Dr. September's Personnel Profile

Hello, folks! I'm ObserverSeptember. I joined the wiki in 2012 and posted my first successful article in 2013. I've been writing articles on and off since then, and I'm prone to long fits of activity followed by long fits of inactivity.

I consider myself a mid-tier author: I'm not one of the ones you think of when you think of this site, but I have a lineup of decent SCPs and a handful of highly praised ones. As you'll notice, my authorial lilt is ending my SCPs in -5, with the exception of non-mainlisters and one rewritten article. I don't use -15 (again, with the exception of one rewrite) because I like being able to audibly pronounce the -5. I'm hoping to make the Public Domain Protection Service into a standalone GoI - help me with them if you feel up to the task!

To toot my own horn a bit, I've been featured on the front page with SCP-2135, and I was ahead of the curve on crosslinks with SCP-2305 (written over a year before the wikiwalk project began). My SCPs get steadily better written from Series II onwards, but of course you can judge for yourself.

If you have any questions about my SCPs, feel free to shoot me a message!

My CSS Preferences

The vast majority of my SCPs and Tales use the Classic CSS. I prefer CSS that is simple, easy to read, and not too flashy, i.e. not what most people use these days. Pages of mine that don't use Classic CSS include:

SCP-375 - Sigma-9 theme used to keep the style of the original version.

Free Kleinberg - Broken Masquerade theme used for canon purposes.

Carroll #332: The Snitch Dungeons - Sigma-9 theme used due to it being a basis for other GoI Formats.

SCPs written by me:

SCP-375 - Temporal Credit Union1
SCP-1365 - Bike Justice
SCP-1395 - Cave Apparition2
SCP-1485 - Normality
SCP-1665 - 8 Across, 18 Across
SCP-1775 - Retail Specters
SCP-1835 - Rupertian Zeppelins
SCP-1925 - Dearest Caroline
SCP-1955 - Spleen Eaters From Venus!
SCP-2135 - 91st Street Station [Featured]
SCP-2265 - Dinner with Andrew
SCP-2305 - great ideas that are TOTALY USELESS (lulz)
SCP-2475 - Culinary Deduction3
SCP-2685 - Thinking in Abstraction
SCP-3185 - The Public Domain Protection Service
SCP-3285 - creative comas [PDPS]
SCP-3295 - Thank You For Smoking
SCP-3395 - The Servants of Fire
SCP-3445 - Grave Insights
SCP-3595 - Einheit
SCP-3605 - The blue is so beautiful [Fifthist]
SCP-3855 - Antimemetic Speakeasy [Chicago Spirit]
SCP-3905 - Soda Can Island5
SCP-3975 - Save the Oreos
SCP-4025 - Blutfahne6
SCP-5865 - Planet D-Class
SCP-6035 - Return of the Rat
SCP-6065 - You're Doing It Wrong
SCP-6195 - Live at the OK Hotel
SCP-6295 - Come See the Library
SCP-6375 - Chronicler of the Forgotten Stories
SCP-6585 - Community Dogs
SCP-6805 - Safehold
SCP-6995 - Cannabincognito7

SCP-252-EX - A Completely Normal Bomb

Former SCPs:

SCP-1565 - Martian Turtles (original author; rewritten by Weryllium)
SCP-1715 - Online Friend (original author; rewritten by PeppersGhost)
SCP-1756 - At the Movies (original author; rewritten by Smapti)
SCP-2950-J - THE POSTCARD (original author; rewritten by daveyoufool)


ANTI-PUBLIC Interference [PDPS]
Cigarette Break
The Cycle of Alexandria [Bellerverse]
Free Kleinberg [Broken Masquerade]
For the RE-PUBLIC [PDPS/Bellerverse]
Giving Up
A Hole in the Wall on Mars
The Talking Cat [Bellerverse]
Traffic Resumes [Featured]
Worth a Shot

GoI Formats:

Carroll #332: The Snitch Dungeons

Deleted Articles:

Iterations - Tale about SCP-2265 that I self-deleted at +4 due to it being unnecessary and mediocre.

SCP-3085, "Stuck in 2007" - [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-3775, "Evobasa Woleb" - A failed attempt to jump on the pataphysics bandwagon. Structurally this is too dependent on 2747 and just rather messy overall. And yes, the name of the dude is fucking dumb. I've since grown rather disdainful towards pataphysics as a whole, so it would've been hypocritical to keep this up. Self-deleted at +17.

[All of these may be rewritten by anyone who wants to take a crack at it.]

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