Dr. Salvia's Personnel File

Dr. Salvia, wearing SCP-████

Name: Dr. Anguis Oleum Salvia

Security Clearance: Level 3

Occupation: Site-17 Staff and SCP Counselor, SCP Psychiatric Researcher

Site of Operations: Site-17

SCP Files Documented:

Logged Files:

Background: Graduated University of Calgary magna cum laude with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Forensic Psychology. Headhunted by the Foundation from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Criminal Psychology Unit, K Division. Spent five years as a Level 0 Site-17 Staff Counselor until incidental exposure to SCP-████ during Incident C-████-14. Subsequent re-evaluation of psychological profile showed the propensity for anomalous psychological research. Dr. Salvia's security clearance was subsequently elevated to Level 3 and he was inducted into the Anomalous SCP Psychotherapy (ASP) research wing.

Miscellaneous: Dr. Salvia lost his right leg at the knee during Incident C-████-14 and now relies on a prosthetic to walk. He owns a snake-headed maplewood cane he claims to have made himself. In China, evidently, from words stamped on the cane. He often expresses nationalistic pride for his home country (Canada), is fluent in both English and French, and is a certified Dudeist priest. Due to his sloppy handwriting, some have mistakenly identified him as "Dr. Saluia," leading to some confusion.


  • [3 incidents] Smoking in restricted areas.
  • [4 incidents] Improperly groomed for experiments requiring sanitary conditions.
  • [1 incident] Attempted to wed Doctors Bright and Light without consent via his authority as a priest of Dudeism. (C'mon, how could I not? Light-Bright! Light-Bright! Turn on the magic of colored light!)
  • [3 incidents] Smuggling of restricted foodstuffs into the Site-17 mess hall. (They're just cheese curds. I'm not eating poutine with goddamn mozzarella. That's just wrong, man.)
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