Dr. Roth's Personnel File

An artistic interpretation of Dr. Blaire Roth, by Dr. Vradler.

Name: Doctor Blaire Roth

Security Clearance: (Under Review)

Occupation: Monitor and recorder of internet memetic threats.

Previous Foundation Occupations: Psychiatrist and cognitive-behavioral therapist.

Site of Operations: Site-77 in Dr. Roget's office in a cardboard box labelled 'Fort Asshole'.

Supported by: Dr. Roget (AKA 'Therapy human')

Profile: Blaire is a highly egotistical Silver Tabby cat that became a member of the Foundation on 7/01/2013. She is often seen as hyper, and can be found running around the hallways at any speed she can gain much to many researchers dismay who may be carrying any kind of object at the time. More often than not Blaire must be bribed into working with tins of tuna.

It is currently unknown as to how Blaire became a cat and any comment on how this came to be has been met with various stories, lies, and insults followed by her running for high and hard to reach places.

Lacks thumbs.

Blaire has developed an unhealthy addiction to catnip after she learned of it via the website 'Tumblr' and its users. Any stash of catnip found must be seized and destroyed.

Current places to be regularly checked for catnip:

  • Inside 'Fort Asshole'.
  • Under that one cat bed Blaire never uses.
  • Litter box.
  • The rubber ducks on her desk.

Aided in the capture and recording of: SCP-2694, SCP-3011.

Weird Tale she wrote: Waffling About

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