Dr Rioghail's Personnel File

Name: Dr. █████ ██████, assigned the alias of 'Rioghail' according to Protocol Herostratus-4.

Security Clearance: Level 3 Rescinded following Dr. 'Rioghail's disappearance.

Duties: Establishing containment procedures for Safe and Euclid SCP objects. Reviewing and evaluating containment procedures for objects catalogued at Sector-██ in light of new research data. Rioghail is no longer considered to be in the employ of the Foundation.

History: Dr. 'Rioghail' was employed by the Foundation following a breach of containment at [DATA EXPUNGED], during which he, along with several of his colleagues at ████████ University Physics Laboratory, were exposed inadvertently to SCP-████. Along with a fellow researcher, ████ ████, Rioghail was able to devise a rudimentary method of containing the anomaly, preventing further damage and loss of life. In light of Rioghail's proven ability to successfully contain an anomalous object with minimal information and use of lateral thinking, Rioghail was inducted as a member of the Foundation.

On ██/██/████, Dr. 'Rioghail' disappeared from Foundation surveillance. At present, he has not been located. Documentation found at his home indicate that prior to his disappearance Rioghail suffered a psychotic break. It is postulated, although at this time unproven, that this was the result of unintended cross-contamination of SCP-███ and SCP-████, stemming from a flaw in the containment procedures Dr. Rioghail had created for SCP-████. Dr. Rioghail appears to have believed, as a result of his psychosis, that he was the person responsible for the creation of several SCP Object whose files he had largely authored, and was submitting them to an unknown audience for evaluation. Documents recovered from Rioghail's home demonstrating his irrational beliefs have been attached to this file.

SCP items catalogued by Dr. Rioghail prior to his disappearance:
SCP-1109 - The Painkiller
SCP-1153 - Programmable Patients
SCP-1135 - Living Village
SCP-1077 - The Devil's Cap Mushroom
SCP-1209 - Many Eyes in Many Places
SCP-1409 - The Whalesong Beacon
SCP-1509 - Blade of Rebirth
SCP-1609 - The Remains of a Chair
SCP-1615 - Photosynthetic Manna
SCP-1871 - A Vorpal Sword
SCP-2071 - Sir Michael Cavendish, in the Guise of the King of Serpents
SCP-2109 - A Tragic Accident

Additional documentation believed to be authored by Dr. 'Rioghail':

Anno Domino

Documentation recovered from the address of Dr. 'Rioghail'.

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