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Watched Coraline. A story is brewing in there…just waiting…


I currently only have Rights sections of the story mapped out, along with other shniblets. More to come. Just skeletonizing.

Rights - graying hair, vision going, chronic pain and artificial left leg. Quit after incident resulted in family's death. Lives a quiet life.
Bijhan - Still Bijhan. Albeit with a robotic arm these days. Getting older.
Kondraki - Lawful Evil. You have no idea how much fun this is going to be. Also, eyepatch. Getting older, getting more ferocious.
Clef - Beard and a big ol' scar on his face. Not sure what he's been doing, but it involves leaving the Foundation and a shotgun.
Gears - Not much has changed, except now he's PHYSICALLY part clockwork too. Clockwork virus variant? Controlled environment of some sort? Hard to tell. Still does his job.
Bright - Still 963. Still flirts and gets killed. Woo!
Fuck, who am I all forgetting? I can't tell. I'm hungry. FOOD BREAK. EVERYBODY ELSE IS DEAD.

F* Rights awakes, gets ready. Don't mention names. She goes about daily routine. Elsewhere, researchers discuss "evidence" of pre-timeline manipulation. Somewhere out there, something bad is happening.
M* Rights awakes, gets ready. Don't mention names. Daily routine.
M* Researchers discuss potential for "evidence", discover SCP-Baby Universe. Hang out in break room. Something bad starts happening.
F* Rights contacted by Bijhan at home, she dismisses him and chases him out before heading to grocery store. Elsewhere, we learn that she's being watched by Kondraki/Foundation.
M* Rights brings up theory on the use of Baby Universe. "Evidence" found, kept confidential among small group of researchers. Not reported to O5 as intended.
F* Right attacked/captured at grocery store. Threatened with death, learns of Kondraki's advancement. Gun to her head. "If I go down, it sure as shit won't be from a bullet!"
M* Years later, a still-recovering Rights packs up her office and leaves, showing her new anger in an argument with Kondraki and Glass that culminates in physical violence. Clef just watches.
F* Rights is spared a bullet by a call-off and is to be taken for questioning. The armored van she's placed in w/ blindfold, over unseen events, is flipped, totaled, the driver and guards killed, and she's drugged and dragged away.
M* The fight is ended with the intervention of Bright and Gears. Rights is directed off by Gears, whom she verbally assaults, then attacks, before being knocked unconscious. Something continues to grow, out there.
F* Rights awakens to some familiar faces (Bijhan, Clef). They discuss the situation (recap time!) before turning to plans. Cut to them being found and black-bagged by Foundation Agents. It's unknown how much time elapsed there. Something bad is picking up speed.
M* Back a few years, Rights and Chris are spending her day off together. A new member to the family, soon to come, is mentioned. Before there's a Chaos Insurgency attack-and-capture run put into play
MONTOGUE* A mixture of discussions between F*Rights, Bijhan, and Clef and their captors in interrogation, along with a post-incident interview with a rather traumatized Rights in the hospital.
F* Kondraki pays the prisoners a little visit, and boy is he much changed.
M* A short discussion of evidence and the possible use of the Baby Universe.
F* Kondraki and the prisoners go back and forth, discussing the something bad that's gaining speed and getting ready to take everything down.


A random researcher presenting his findings in the "Dr. Rights abilities case". Very subtle, very mindscrewy.

"This is Interveiw 90090595-AΔ, commenced by Dr. Geoff Naevius. If you could state your name for the record?"

"Dr. Agatha Rights. What's this all about? It hasn't been that long since my last investigation or interview or whatever they're calling this one."

"It's just a small interview. It'll only take about ten minutes or so, if we go through everything fast. And after that, you will be placed under temporary observation. Is that understood?"

"I didn't do it."

"I didn't accuse you of doing anything."

"Doesn't matter. I didn't do it."

"…Moving on."
Log of Dr. Geoff Naevius

While I can safely say that I found no concrete evidence of the reality-warping abilities I was assigned to observe Dr. Rights for, I can't exactly say that I've disproved the theory that she possesses them. Dr. Rights was given no information as towards the reason for my observation, and was informed that I was investigating her for "various reasons". Of course, a look at her disciplinary record showed that she must be used to such reasons already. Needless to say, most of the duration of my observation was spent either being pampered by her, purposefully ignored by her, and even used when she was breaking protocol right under my nose.

"I can see from your personnel file that your fellow researchers describe you as a very interesting person."

"I'm not interesting, I'm just honest."

"That too. Oddly enough, the same people who commented upon you as being honest also have put you on the record as a thief, a liar, and a…to use a quote, 'conniving little mink'."

"Those too."

"No comments or anything?"

"Look, you can see from my records that I never tried to claim to be anything I wasn't, even when I was up against the termination board. No regrets. Well, a lot of regrets, but it's not like I can change what I've already done."

"What if you could?"

"What would the point be? Things have worked out relatively fine to this point."

"Are you saying that there's nothing wrong with your life?"

"I'm saying that there's no crime in being content."
Log of Dr. Geoff Naevius

One of the things I was instructed to do, albeit with much caution, in order to observe reactions was to provoke. While attempting to spur a reality-bender into action could have disastrous consequences, I was assured that they had a backup plan in a worst case scenario. From what I've gathered, this involved simply asking everybody who she worked with that, if given the order, they would do the honor of terminating her on the spot.

Kondraki, being informed of this duty by O5-4, took a second to think, before answering.

"How, when, and where?"

Kondraki later expressed no recollection of this order.
"Can you tell me what you were like as a kid?"

"I guess so. I actually don't have a lot of memories from being a kid."

"Elaborate, please."

"I really can only think of a few striking moments which really stood out. Otherwise I guess I just didn't care enough to remember anything solidly. It's all just a big jumble of classmates and playing in the woods and all the dumb shit I'd get myself into. I was a pretty stupid kid. I mean, from my parents standpoint I was too smart for my own good, but that honestly just circles back around to being a dumbass."

"You sound a little critical of yourself."

"I was a stupid, hyperactive kid who did nothing but get into fights all the time. If I could go back in time and give my little self a whupping I would. Although I'd be afraid of her biting my damn fingers off. I was very violent. Oddly enough, I don't really remember those parts, but whatever. I was just very…temperamental and hostile."

"You don't really seem like the temperamental type. While there are a few records of fights, more often than not you have stated that you're not actually intending to cause damage, or you're acting in self-defense."

"If I really wanted to hurt people, they'd be dead right now."
Log of Dr. Geoff Naevius

What was supposed to be a ten-minute interview lasted only five, and she spent the remainder of the day baking cookies and generally expressing annoyance towards me. By the next day, she seemed to be completely at-ease with my presence, and went about her usual business, even allowing for me to observe SCP-542 with her as he replaced one of his twin hearts. I observed that, when calm, she would talk about anything she was prompted to discuss, even when subjects would make most people uncomfortable or insulted.




I need to work up some anatomical drawing of wing structures and whatnot.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:




Freaky-ass creatures (seen in my notes) that reproduce quickly and violently by using people's hollowed out bodies as shells for their young, and then gradually grow less and less human. Somewhere between those wasps that lay their eggs in other bugs, and spiders that bind their prey and suck them dry. Except for humans, 'stead of bugs. And very intelligent, powerful, and capable of some extreme acts of shapeshifting.


I need to work up some anatomical drawing of wing structures and whatnot.

Item #: SCP-XXX (No SCP number, perhaps? I'm not sure)

Object Class: Euclid/Keter

Special Containment Procedures:




Dr. Rights, as one of her first assignments, asks for the permission to terminate the last of them when it becomes too violent and unstable to risk keeping around, and nothing more can be learned from it. "There will always be other monster out there. But you're a special kind of fucked."

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