Dr. Moto's Center For Odd Occurrences.

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Hello There! You've found Dr. Kira Moto's Center For Odd Occurrences. This is the home of the Yokai Hunters and the start of your adventure.

Enjoy my bad attempts at naming things, from the titles of my skips to my agents named after video games. The fun never ends here.

SCP-6932 — Sensei

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Ah, yes, my first SCP. This was even the first idea I had for a skip. It started as Mr. Miyagi the skip and ended up as the same. O-49 was based on the Japanese Oni, while Kuro is a Karasutengu.

This went through an absolute boatload of rewrites, and it was while I was rewriting the journal for the third time that the idea of the Yokai Hunters came to me. This was the foundation of all my work here, and it will continue to remain as such.

SCP-7567 — The Place Where A Lone Dreamer Once Ruled.

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While not my second, third, or even fourth idea, this was still fun to write. The inspiration for this one came from a mixture of wanting to use Kuro from the previous entry and a yokai called nobiagari1. I also wanted to expand on the hunters some more and give them a place to run out of.

SCP-7568 — The Desire of a Dead Woman.

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Oh, boi, this one. I had no idea what the skip for this would be until after I wrote the story, but here we are. The inspiration behind the skip is a yokai known as Hone onna. It's the corpse of a woman that keeps returning to her home every night out of love for her husband. The husband doesn't suspect anything, as his own love blinds him. In the legends, only those unclouded by love or with strong religious faith were able to see its true form.

SCP-7569 — River Children

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This is probably the truest to legend skip I've written. The yokai featured in this one is the Kappa, a reptilian, childlike race of creatures. I randomly got the idea for this while attempting a tale, so clearly, the tale didn't happen.

I wanted to try a more character-focused piece here and really start digging into Hyuse's personality when playing off other Foundation staff who don't constantly live with skips.

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