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I was told it was about time

Me, Myself and I:

As an avid reader, I ran out of books one day and found SCP Canon tales! After reading tons of them, it got me inspired to create my own tales and contribute to this amazing story universe. I am a huge fan of tales and long SCP articles with narrative.

I also seem to have a neverending stream of ideas but not the big brains to pull them off, this creates a problem where I cannot write fast enough. I really ought to look at doing collabs with people, if anyone wants to collab I am probably down for it depending on what it is on. Although you may have to pull me away from my own GoI that should, by the time you read this, have a few more tales (The first one is my first jamcon tale down below).

I am almost always on IRC, they can't seem to get rid of me, feel free to give me a wave if you see me in there.

No idea how I managed to get an author page to be honest, but hurrah! Feast your eyes upon my blessed cursed machinations.

Articles Rating Comments
Dr Moned's Icons and Art + 78 9
SCP-5235 + 54 9
SCP-5325 + 27 7
SCP-5230 + 23 5
SCP-3326 + 23 9
SCP-5332 + 17 4
SCP-5532 + 9 3

GOI Formats Rating Comments

(Nothing yet…)

The Mega Cool award

This was awarded for my Factory tale by Calibri BoldCalibri Bold, you should go read all their stuff!



For the Jamcon 2020 competition, I made my first tale listed below. I have to thank everyone who helped me with this.

Theme 2 - Delicious:

Random ideas for no specific reason

  • Esoteric classes should be used alongside the normal primary classes to help develop an SCP. ACS calls them secondary classes for a reason. :D
  • The Ethics Committee is secretly really powerful.
  • Not enough temporal stuff on the site, Hammer has some great stuff though, big up Xyank.
  • La Rue is amazing and you should go check it out!
  • Donkman is great.
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