Dr Moned's Icons and Art
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Welcome to my page of art! I have bountiful amounts of ACS icons, and a few other SCP and Tale art further down. I hope you enjoy!


All esoteric classes can be found here.
I may do some more, but if any are lacking be sure to check out Greyve's icons or Calibri's icons!

Icon Esoteric class
Anomalous.png Anomalous: Item is so simplistic that it is not assigned an official database file.
Continua.png Continua: Item is drastically affected due to the disappearance of a specific part of the anomaly.
Decommissioned.png Decommissioned: Item has been intentionally destroyed or deanomalized by the Foundation. (fan made version, I would advise using Calibri_Bold's version as they re-invented Decommissioned here.)
Dependant.png Dependant: Item is legally dependent upon the Foundation.
Ein%20Sof.png Ein Sof: Item's containment procedures elaborated to allow the constancy of a metaphysical anomaly, and to ensure an original balance established by a primordial entity.
Heimal.png Hiemal: Item is a system of two or more distinct but related anomalies that keep each other under control.
Ignosi.png Ignosi: Item's discovery, even by the Foundation, must be prevented.
Maksur.png Maksur: Item has been separated into several anomalous parts which must be kept separate.1
Mendax.png Mendax: Knowledge of the item cannot be maintained. Self Concealing.
Terminal.svg Terminal: Item incorporates human beings following their death.
Uncontained.png Uncontained: The anomaly is not currently in containment.
Yesod.png Yesod: Item has been integrated into the Foundation's command structure.2

Below are some of my own creations that I hope to feature soon:

Icon Esoteric class
Damnum.png Damnum: Items that cause cross-timeline contamination. This encompasses from items crossing timelines, to huge tears in reality.
Efla.png Elfa: An anomaly that is created and utilised by the Foundation.
Tempus.png Tempus: This refers to SCPs with the potential to cause jonbar hinges within a reality.

Was busy procrastinating about other things, so made a few K-Class scenario icons!

All info about K-Class Scenarios can be found here.

Icon K Class
GHIcon.png GH-0 'Dead Greenhouse' scenario:
Humans are endangered/extinct but Earth is still fit for habitation.
HKIcon.png HK-class deific subjugation scenario:
A god shows up and takes over.
IKIcon.png IK-Class Collapse of Global Civilization Scenario:
Civilization collapses.
PTIcon.png PT-Class Paradoxical Time Breakdown Scenario:
An event where a harmful time paradox has occurred causing time and/or the timeline to be "broken".
XKIcon.png XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario:
Most common and broadest meaning, covers just about any apocalypse. Religious apocalypse, humanity destroyed, Earth destroyed, the universe destroyed, etc.
YKIcon.png YK-Class Entropic Annihilation Event, YK-class end of the universe scenario, YK-Class Reality Restructuring Event:
Basically always a physics-based apocalypse, usually has a specific sub-designation. See also ZK, VK, and QK.

Other small artworks:

-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-
Factory%20Icon.png Nosy%20Coworkers2.png Site%205%20doesn%27t%20exist.png
A little Factory icon Icon for Pi-7 (Nosey Coworkers) Some art of SCP-4182
Chaos.png CoinmasterIcon.png ArchivistsTransparent
Some Chaos Insurgency art The Coinmaster from my Factory tale A logo for my (potential) GoI!
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