Dr Megs Marvelle's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. ████████ █████ Megs Marvelle

Also Responds To: Goggles, Giggles, Giggles McGee, McGee or Junior

Pronouns: They/ Them

Security Clearance Level: 3

Specialization: Unchosen. Highly trained in anomalous communications and ████████████.

Location: Floater, frequently stationed at Site 17 and Site 42

Hire Date: ██/ ██/ 2021

A Bit Of In-Character History (Like Many Others Before Me): Born to two Foundation Staff, they have spent their entire life around the anomalous. They are a full graduate of the Foundation's education system, and as such are better connected than they ought to be. Known for their almost relentless optimism, kindness to coworkers and respect towards scips, and their habit of logging their entire life and research on their Tascam Audio Recorder. Multiple GOIs have made attempts to recruit Dr. Marvelle (notably the Serpent's Hand and Global Occult Coalition) but none have succeeded. They are thoroughly loyal to The Foundation- almost to a fault.

Why I Joined (Out-Of-Character): I first stumbled upon the Foundation on TikTok through videos by @site_42 ( TheeShermTheeSherm on here), and it piqued my interest. I slowly began my journey into absorbing SCP content until I decided that I wanted to contribute and applied to the wiki. I may not be the most frequent author, but I also create SCP-related content on TikTok and am a part of multiple collaborative community projects (including SCP Sideshow).

Articles By Yours Truly:

SCP-6321: The Talking Piano: An SCP Article about a sentient piano that poses the question of how deliberate evil deeds must be to actually be considered evil.

SCP-6640: The "Curse" Of The Scottish Play: A lighthearted SCP that provides an unexpeceted explanation to the common actor's superstition surrounding Macbeth.

SCP-6138: lyfe kontrol by dado: Self help videos that make viewers into clones of dado. Need I say more? It’s crack, it’s chaotic, which means it is of course where I first introduced the actual character of Dr. Marvelle.

Final Thoughts, Again: A tale recounting the last thoughts of a dying researcher… with a twist

Socials: In case you wanna stalk me (/j)
TikTok: @drmegsmarvelle
Twitter: @MarvelleMegs

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