Dr Major's Personnel File
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Staff Profile

Name: Dr. █████████ █████ Major

Profession: Researcher

Security Clearance Level: 3

History: Dr. Major attended the ████████ Military-Medical Academy from 19██ to 19██, graduating with an M.D and a specialisation in biological/chemical defence and warfare. He subsequently served for 5 years in the armed forces of ████████. Dr. Major was brought to Foundation attention during the events of Incident ███-2 (involving first recorded contact with SCP-███) in which, with the rank of major, he was the medical and scientific observer for a platoon of ████████ special forces.

During Incident ███-2, [DATA EXPUNGED] leading to the neutralisation of all ████████ troops save Dr. Major, who survived due to the intervention of Foundation personnel. Standard Class A amnesiac procedure was overruled by Agent ████, the ranking Foundation officer on site, who recommended Dr. Major as a possible asset to the Foundation. Once this request was approved by O5-█ Dr. Major was initiated into the Foundation and currently holds a position at Site-██.

Database Information

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