Dr. Mackenzie's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Rachel Mackenzie

Serial Number: 0171-UT-00890364

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Senior Observer / Senior Researcher

Site of Operations: Variable, usually Site ██

Profile: Dr. Mackenzie is a senior researcher whose high marks for observational and situational awareness combined with near-eidetic memory has made her unusually qualified for initial observation and documentation of new SCPs.

Dr. Mackenzie was recruited by [REDACTED] on █/██/200█, having come to his notice due to her doctoral thesis [REDACTED], which raised interest as it was related to the theoretical functional premise of SCP-███. Upon recruitment, Dr. Mackenzie served as a field researcher for █ years, until Incident [REDACTED] [REDACTED] request to transfer to Site ██ was approved, as O5 Command deemed her skills too valuable to risk in the field. Since this incident, she has professed a strong dislike for sapient SCPs, and has requested to be excluded from direct interviews with humanoid SCPs and SCP-affected individuals.

Dr. Mackenzie is trained in the use of firearms and is authorized to open carry in Foundation facilities except as required by specific containment procedures.

Addendum 01-003: Due to the events of Incident [REDACTED], Dr. Rachel Mackenzie has been placed on administrative leave for a period of no less than six (6) months pending review and re-certification.

Addendum 01-006: Personnel File Note

You can't expect her to have gone through that and not have been traumatized in some way. The problem with people like her is that they remember everything. She cannot and will not ever forget the sight of that, and she's going to carry that with her for the rest of her life. The only responsible thing to do is to remove her from active duty.

Dr. ████ ████
Site Director, Site-██

Addendum 01-011: Personnel File Note

We need her, damaged or not. She has saved God knows how many lives, and more importantly she wants to go back to work.

She is being re-certified as we speak. Put her in a desk job if you want, but keep her working. We need more people like her.


Addendum 01-012: Personnel File Note

Fine, but if she snaps and takes the whole team with her, I will not be left holding the bag.

Dr. ████ ████
Site Director, Site-██

Addendum 02-001: SCP Files Authored

  • SCP-020 - Unseen Mold
  • SCP-065 - Recurrent Migratory Crop Circles (Deleted)
  • SCP-065 - Organic Distortion Field
  • SCP-069 - Second Chance
  • SCP-160 - Parasitic Worm (Deleted)
  • SCP-160 - Predator Drone
  • SCP-176 - Observable Time Loop
  • SCP-234 - Extradimensional Fish
  • SCP-245 - Anomalous LEO Object (Deleted)
  • SCP-269 - Dialysis Bracelet
  • SCP-300 - "A world in a bottle"
  • SCP-360 - Ascendance
  • SCP-390 - Ancient Military Laser
  • SCP-420 - Pen of Forgery (Deleted)
  • SCP-452 - Dreamcatcher Spider
  • SCP-488 - Meteor Attractor
  • SCP-526 - Valhalla Gate
  • SCP-556 - Painted Aircraft
  • SCP-605 - Living Storm Cloud
  • SCP-636 - Elevator to Nowhere
  • SCP-648 - The Labyrinth
  • SCP-707 - Nesting Dolls
  • SCP-733 - A Pair of Scissors
  • SCP-748 - Temporarily Lethal Handgun (Deleted)
  • SCP-748 - Sand Sculptor (Deleted)
  • SCP-768 - Long Range Alarm Clock
  • SCP-788 - Repercussive Target (Deleted)
  • SCP-788 - Magma Carp
  • SCP-794 - Desert Shipwreck
  • SCP-822 - Landmine Cacti
  • SCP-848 - Interdimensional Spider Web
  • SCP-859 - Arachnophobic Orb
  • SCP-867 - Blood Spruce
  • SCP-895 - Camera Disruption
  • SCP-907 - Infinite Magazine (Deleted)
  • SCP-934 - Inland Lighthouse
  • SCP-975 - Subway Frogs
  • SCP-976 - Anomalous Hard Drive
  • SCP-998 - Missing Aircraft

Addendum 02-002: Log File and External Addenda

Addendum 02-003: SCP Files Assisted

  • SCP-058 - Heart of Darkness (Visual documentation, redacted)
  • SCP-062 - "Quantum" Computer (Major document revision)
  • SCP-071 - Degenerative Metamorphic Entity (Major document revision)
  • SCP-075 - Corrosive Snail (Document revision)
  • SCP-085 - Hand Drawn "Cassy" (Visual documentation, redacted)
  • SCP-126 - Invisible Friend (Document revision)
  • SCP-133 - Instant Holes (Document revision)
  • SCP-155 - Infinite Speed Computer (Major document revision)
  • SCP-186 - The Craver of Light (Document revision, deleted)
  • SCP-706 - Perfect Porcelain Doll (Major document revision)
  • SCP-1857 - Cultist Skull (Major document revision, formerly designated SCP-257 before archival)
  • SCP-2592 - Milk and Bananas (Major document revision, formerly designated SCP-592 before deletion)

Addendum 02-004: Unknown, Title Missing

Addendum 02-005: Unknown, Title Missing

Addendum 03-001: Guides and Essays

  • About the SCP Foundation - Information and writing guide about the Foundation and its mission.
  • SCP Object Classes - Information and writing guide about the Foundation's object classification system.
  • Security Clearance Levels - Information and writing guide on security clearances, personnel classification, and job titles.
  • Secure Facilities Locations - Information and writing guide on the Foundation's secret facilities, their nomenclature, and usage.
  • Task Forces - Information and writing guide on the Foundation's Mobile Task Forces, including how they operate and what kind of work they perform.
  • How to Contribute - Instructions on how to contribute to the various types of work on the SCP Wiki.
  • Tag Guide - Guidelines for using the wiki's tag system, along with definitions and frequently asked questions.

Addendum 03-002: Test Pages

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