Dr. Loser's Personnel File

Title: Dr. Loser
Also responds to Loser.

Security Clearance:

Current Assignment: Aero-based SCP's, D-Class Personnel Allocation.

Location: Site ██

Profile: Dr. Loser was born in the town of [DATA EXPUNGED] in 19██. Upon graduation of high school, he was admitted to ██████ University, where he achieved a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Loser was then picked up by the Foundation during routine personnel hiring and given a position working at Site ██ as an Assistant Junior Researcher. Having proven himself capable, he was permitted to gain his doctorate while working with the Foundation. He has since worked his way up to Researcher.

Dr. Loser has worked with the following SCP's:
SCP-498 11 Minute Snooze
SCP-538 Shadow Spiders
SCP-892 Everyone's Spreadsheet

D-Class Orientation
Teeth, Dearie

Has had a hand in:
Senior Staff Shenanigans
Bringing Things Together

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