Dr. Sophia Light's Personnel File
Dr. Light

Name: Dr. Sophia N. Light

Security Clearance Level:

Occupation: Biological Researcher

History: Sophia Light came to the Foundation after a career in biosecurity and classifying infectious diseases for the US government. She created an incident which resulted in the deaths of several military personnel, after which the Foundation offered her a job in data entry. She has somehow bargained her way into becoming a lab assistant, eventually being transferred out of lab work and into administration.

While she is primarily based at Site 41, which she described as "way too goddamn cold for me or anyone", she has made consults at Site 17, Bio-Containment Areas █ and ██, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Reports of her involvement in the birth of Christ and the apocalypse are false, probably.

In addition to her position as biological researcher, Doctor Light has also preformed the positions of naturalist, field agent, field medic, breakroom medic, surgeon, naturopathic physician, psychologist, accomplice, and distraction.

Favorite Science Poetry: The Old Astronomer To His Pupil by Sarah Williams, The Antiworlds by Andrei Voznesensky.

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