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Item #: SCP-LEN

Object Class: Bald

Threat Level: (not a thing)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-LEN is to remain confined to his skulking grounds until such time that he realizes author pages are not a frivolous endeavor.

Description: The precise nature of SCP-LEN cannot be determined at this time due to general lack of interest, although cursory examination has shown it to be of above-average weight, and below-average height. Periodically, SCP-LEN anomalously generates original SCP documents, which are noted for their poor grammar, syntax, and general suckishness. Several of these articles have been documented below for posterity, or something:


SCP-6078 - Peekaboo Island
SCP-6087 - The Voice-Taker Cometh
SCP-6097 - Granny Rat Tail
SCP-6135 - We Didn't Start the SCP
SCP-6145 - Mother Rabbit
SCP-6149 - Upon A Midnight Dreary
SCP-6187 - From Space With Love
SCP-6204 - Eggstinction
SCP-6234 - Somnambular Shenanigans
SCP-6254 - Beware Dogman
SCP-6287 - Small Town Living
SCP-6342 - Man Without A Face
SCP-6835 - Phantom Airship
SCP-6854 - Where the Cogcows Roam
SCP-6980 - No Ordinary Camera


Brasilic Folklore and Mythology


Department of Mythology and Folkloristics Hub

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