Dr. Leicontis's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Philip Leighton
Primary Alias(es): "Leicontis"; "Dr. Leicontis"
Clearance Level: 2
Primary Role: Materials analysis, characterization, and replication

Personnel History: Doctor Leighton first came to the Foundation's attention when Japanese authorities reported that someone was making inquiries regarding the parent grove of SCP-143. When questioned, he revealed that he had obtained an antique manuscript which referenced the so-called "Bladewood Grove", and due to his near-obsessive interest in swordmaking, immediately began further research in hopes of uncovering the truth behind the stories. His persistence impressed Agent ███████ who suggested that Dr. Leighton be recruited by the Foundation. From the interview transcript:

Agent ███████: "Okay, okay! I'll ask them! Now let go of my leg, and stop it with the puppy-dog eyes - it's not cute, it's ████ing creepy!"

While Dr. Leicontis has proven himself a capable researcher, and shown a surprising degree of comfort with even dangerous SCPs, his interpersonal skills could still stand some improvement. He often tends to regard his fellow researchers as a greater threat than the anomalous objects they research, and seems to swing between timid-and-deferential and abrasive-and-hostile. Fortunately, due to his utter ineptness at physically demanding tasks, including combat, he does not pose any actual threat to other staff.

Note: In light of recent incidents, Dr. Leicontis is not permitted direct access to blade-related SCPs any sharp objects blade-related SCPs.

Note: For his own safety, Dr. Leicontis should not be allowed to communicate directly with Agent Yoric without supervision.

SCPs Catalogued:
SCP-189 - Hair-imitating parasite
SCP-318 - Soul Press
SCP-724 - Radio Raccoons
SCP-941 - Carsickness(Research update undertaken by Dr. Roget)

Research Contributions:
SCP-557 - Ancient Containment Site (eric_h project head)

Other Activities:
In the Big League

Under Investigation:
Story of a D-Class

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