Dr. L. Goose personnel file

The former Dr. L. Goose examining the future SCP-███ moments before [DATA EXPUNGED].

Name: Honorary Dr. L. Goose Junior Lab Assistant L. Goose

Security Clearance Level: Level █ Level 1 (variable; some skill sets shown to intuitively re-manifest, especially regarding employee's own former projects)

Location: Sector █

History: Recruited following accidental exposure to SCP-███ during Incident █████ on █/█/19██. As predicted, exposure resulted in exponential gains in IQ, with acceptable losses in social skills. Quickly became one of the Foundation's most well-rounded researchers despite young age, demonstrating great learning ability with high data retention rate. Successfully developed final containment procedures for ██ items, and was overseeing research on █ items at the time of Incident █████ on █/█/20██.

Addendum - Incident █████, █/█/20██: While on vacation in ███████, ██, Dr. L. Goose unwittingly interacted with item later contained and named SCP-███. All gains in intelligence regressed to levels appropriate to previous occupation as movie theater projectionist, with memories since shortly before recruitment apparently lost.

Note: Expense of further research into recovering memories deemed too great to allow attempts to continue. Recommend return to civilian life. -Dr. ████

Note: Risk of spontaneous memory regeneration deemed too great to allow return to civilian life. Recommend necessary reduction in rank and security clearance level while offering counseling and explanation of current living arrangements, while maintaining current pay rate. -Dr. ██████

Note: Expense of current pay rate and counseling deemed too great at employee's current rank and security clearance level. Recommend use of Type █ amnesiac and implantation of alternate history sufficiently explaining employee's current standing as a glorified stenographer. -Dr. █████

Note: Approved. The ████'s head was getting too big, anyway. -O5-█

Note: Goose is to be given no access to this file. A dummy file has been prepared should he ask for access to his personnel file. Any questions from Goose regarding his security clearance level are to be met with severe antagonism.

SCP items recorded:

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