Dr. Kondraki's Work Log

Current Projects

  • New SCPs
    • "Aegis" humanoid SCP capable of creating complex superdense structures out of atmosphere.
    • "Flight" SCP item that grants flight(why don't we already have one of these?) Based on the Talaria of greek myth.
    • Body Bed - Independantly standing closet which produces customized full body suits, which provide comfortable bedding when worn.
    • Danger valve - A hose valve that causes the area around it to become more "dangerous" as it's turned.
    • Carnivorous Bank - A living organism that appears as a common bank, using memetic impulses to manipulate people into providing it sustenance.
    • Scrounging Stick - Wooden handcrafted walking stick capable of finding lost objects.
    • Megalomaniac Play-doh - Violent, but ineffective sentient sculpting clay. Forms armies and attempts armed takeovers.
    • Anklebiter - Small, carnivorous creatures capable of completely removing the ankle of a human subject for later consumption. Occasionally work in pairs.
  • Expand on SCP articles
  • Major incident logs for SCP-122 and SCP-460
  • Dr. Kondraki's Day short story
  • Finish Member Reviews.
  • Continue SCP Review.

Future Projects

  • Weaponization of various SCP objects.
  • SCP-515 and SCP-108 cross-testing.
  • Kondraki-108 Log
  • Kill Hang out with Dr. Clef.
  • Abuse newly given authority.

On Hold

  • 7 joke SCP articles.

Copypasta goes here.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained within a 10m x 10 room, with all surfaces covered in .5m thick steel plating, backed with 1m of ballistic gelatin. Any contact with SCP-XXX is to be facilitated by Level 2 personnel equipped with kinetic inhibitors, and protective suits reinforced with SCP-143. If monthly casualties rise above a designated limit, Class D personnel are substituted for normal operating staff. A designated animal specialist is to be housed at Site 19 for containment purposes. By no means should any ammunition constructed of standard Euclidian alloys be introduced to SCP-XXX or its containment(see Addendum XXXb).

Description: SCP-XXX appears to be a mass of ammunition of various caliber and composition, which moves under an unknown, autonomous force possessing moderate sentience. This force is not magnetic or gravitational is origin, and seems to be unaffected by most natural forces. Each of the constituent units possesses a practically infinite amount of potential energy, which is not expended by the movement of the mass as a whole. SCP-XXX is capable of taking on various forms through crude imitation. Most commonly, SCP-XXX prefers to take the form of a domestic feline.

Using the massive potential energy possessed in each constituent unit, SCP-XXX is capable of accelerating its mass in unison. The velocity of each unit of ammunition accelerates differently, despite possessing the same amount of potential energy. Velocities range from 330 m/s to 1,800 m/s, which results in SCP-XXX’s form becoming elongated into a “stream” of ammunition when in full motion. As this is universally hazardous, great care must be paid to keeping SCP-XXX contained. The rational behind SCP-XXX initiating acceleration is unknown and somewhat random, although acts of aggression towards it almost always trigger the reaction.

While composed of a number of types and makes of ammunition, the “core” of SCP-XXX’s mass is composed of several hundred .30 caliber rounds composed of an unknown metal alloy. While the overall mass of SCP-XXX fluxuates, as individual bullets are lost or destroyed, the core has remained unchanged. Scans of SCP-XXX while in containment show that the unknown alloy continuously emitted radiation similar to alpha brain waves.

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