Dr Kondraki's Personnel File

Document lv4-79922005-oo8

Name: Dr. ████████ Kondraki

Security Clearance: Level 4

Occupation: Field Researcher, Photographer, Head of Research for Site 17, Administrator.

Site of Operations: Site 17 (when not out in the field)

SCP Files Authored: SCP-396 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-214, SCP-408, SCP-250 (Since updated by Researcher Voct), SCP-295, SCP-330, SCP-336 (Since updated by Dr. Vang), SCP-515-ARC, SCP-252-ARC, SCP-122 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-208, SCP-266, SCP-276, SCP-285, SCP-570 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-460, SCP-312, SCP-337, SCP-395, SCP-382, SCP-375 (Since updated by Dr. Roget), SCP-625 (Since updated by Dr. Vang), SCP-705, SCP-577

Log Files: Experiment Log 295-1-a, Dr. Simmons's Private Log, Oversight Disciplinary Record 79922005-oo8-Kondraki, Taking Out the Trash, Duke 'till Dawn

Dr. Kondraki's Work Log

Profile: Gruff, succinct, and not a fan of lab coats, Dr. Kondraki is an SCP Researcher working at Site 17, employed both as a scientist and a photographer for the Foundation. When not on assignment at Site 17, he usually toils away his time researching new optical technology and upgrading his camera. Despite no previous schooling in either field of knowledge, he seems to be doing well for himself. Some have regarded him as anti-social, and he has admitted that despite having worked at Site 17 for 5 years now, he can’t recall the name of a single co-worker. He has however expressed interest in working with SCP-105 and her abilities, approval of which is under consideration. Dr. Kondraki has been observed to hold long conversations with SCP-408 as well, but since █-██-████ the latter has seemingly ceased visual communication with the former. Alongside photography, his interests include fencing, writing, and classical music, which he regards as "the only kind worth listening to". In his time at the Foundation, Dr. Kondraki has been a fervent supporter of SCP weaponization, and has spearheaded the development of 33 types of weaponry utilizing SCP object resources. While he claims that his motivation is simply a practical application of his research, it's more likely due to the ease in which he becomes bored.

History: Dr. Kondraki signed on with the Foundation at the age of 35, joining as a low level researcher with little prospect of promotion. However, his finesse with a camera was quickly noticed, and since then he has become an avid photographer. Much of his time is spent accompaning agents out into the field, and photographically documenting new finds. After the discovery and containment of SCP-408, Dr. Kondraki was promoted to Level 3 Clearance, and is currently the head of research for SCP-408. Recently, he was commissioned to begin photographicly recording various SCP's, including several which are imperceivable to the human eye. Currently, he is working on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Until further notice, Dr. Kondraki will be stationed at Site 17.

Addendum: Questions have been brought up regarding Dr. Kondraki's unusual talent detecting normally undetectable SCP's. Ever since the capture and containment of SCP-408, which had been completely invisible to accompanying agents, he has been privy to sensitive material above his security clearance, including the status of SCP-███ and the result of [DATA EXPUNGED]. More evidence of this fact was when asked to photograph SCP-126 given no previous knowledge of the subject, observed no issue with the task, and found to his surprise that his camera wasn't capable of the request. When asked about this inconsistency, he refused to answer directly, just stating "I just need a better camera". Detain him at Site 17 for a while, lets see if anything comes up.

Addendum: After considering the claims, we've found no reason to suspect Dr. Kondraki of any deception on his part. The incident with SCP-126 has been absolved after it was discovered that he had been informed of SCP-126 by hearsay, and the recorded comment is suspected to be one of hubris, not surprise. He is a bit boastful about the work he's done on that camera. His access privileges have been returned, and we'll be putting him back into the field as soon as possible.

Addendum: Dr. Kondraki's camera, now classified as SCP-515-ARC, has been confiscated until further notice has been returned following a thorough investigation.

Addendum: Recent events have displayed a chaotic streak in Dr. Kondraki's actions, and his actions have warranted him the highest number of disciplinary actions levied upon a single employee. Despite this, a consensus between O5 members have deemed him both too valuable and too dangerous to either terminate or revoke his employment. His tendency to appear at the scenes of important events to advance the causes of the Foundation are also under scrutiny, as the trend appears to be more than coincidence. His connection with SCP-408 has also become mildly disquieting, with the degree of control Dr. Kondraki can influence over the swarm. Finally, psychological evaluation has shown that Dr. Kondraki may suffer from one or more forms of acute psychosis. Someone needs to do something about him before we're forced to just shoot him, he's too much of an asset to simply bury.

Addendum: As of ██-█-████, Dr. ████████ Kondraki has been promoted to Head of Research at Site 17, and given full security clearance.

Addendum: As of █-██-████, Dr. ████████ Kondraki is now a member of the Administrative staff, with wide jurisdiction over multiple Sites. Promotion rendered on the grounds of "good" behavior and 100% success record involving employee termination. Cited was Dr. Kondraki's ability to make tough decisions with little deliberation, despite various complaints.

Addendum: Dr. ████████ Kondraki is to be at all times referred to by his official title, "King of the Butterflies."

Note: I will find out who both wrote the fake addendum without proper clearance, and spelled my first name wrong. You will be severely punished for both infractions. - King of the Booooterflies

Note: It was Kain. -Dr. Bright

Note: Hey, I didn't do nothin'. You're on your own buddy. -Prof. Crow

Note: After review of the records concerning Dr. Kondraki and his official title, it appears the correct spelling should read as "King of the Booooterflies". Please correct and update your records accordingly. Any questions regarding the application or recent addition of this title to central records should be addressed to Dr. Rights or Dr. Bright. -Dr. Gears

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