Dr Kens' Personnel File

Name: Dr. Jacob "Kens" Kensington

Security Clearance Level:

Occupation: Biomedical Researcher and Robotics Specialist

Duties: Study of biological and technological SCPs; development of field robotics, advanced prosthetic devices, and neural interfaces for aforementioned prosthetic devices.

Location: Based at Site-19, but consults where needed.

History: Harking from a town in central New Jersey, Jacob Kensington grew up working with biological lab work, medical training, and engineering influences. After leading a small robotics team against other teams in an international competition and sequencing and analyzing dozens of unique DNA and protein sequences for a local university while in high school, he was accepted at Johns Hopkins for their Biomedical Engineering program and Medical Program. Having spent 8 years there, he graduated with a PhD in BME and an MD…after which he went back to get a PhD in robotics. He eventually got a job working with a start-up electronics company known as Psionics International, but after a few run-ins with various SCPs - and having successful contained them - he was contracted by the Foundation, where he currently works.

Following a lab accident on July 8th, ████, he lost his biological right arm. He was able to replace it with a prototype prosthetic arm that he'd been developing for the Foundation.

Note: Yes, he has a bionic right arm. Yes, there are other ones that he is prototyping. No, you cannot have one. No, he will not make you into a super-powerful cyborg.


  • Foundation tale about Kens' first meeting with the Foundation.
  • Foundation tale about insect SCPs and guides to certain things.
  • Pseudacteon spirali: Insect SCP based on the Phoridae species of fly.
  • Tale about the truth behind the Theory of Everything.
  • The Abyssal Tree: SCP about the root of everything. Okay, not that dramatic.
  • Propaganda Posters about the SCP universe.



Foundation Tales:



  • Created the tables and organized the stages in SCP-940
  • Created various images for the use in tales or SCPs.
  • CSS theme for SCP-themed RP After Action.
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