Dr. K. Stuff's Personnel File

Oh hey, there's nothing here?

Yeah so this page has said it's gonna be going through massive revisions for… ohh I think literal years! But now I am actually acting on this promise, and you can expect something different to go here soon!

No, not yet.

Yea, hopefully this announcement doesn't stay up for years either.

Anyways in the meantime here's a module showing everything I've written!

Oh and as a bonus I guess I'm gonna record some lyrics here that I have choked up to. I wanted to start collecting them and didn't know where to put this list, so for now it goes here, and you can look at it too!

"And in my dreams, you're alive and you're crying
As your mouth moves in mine, soft and sweet
Rings of flowers 'round your eyes and I love you
For the rest of my life in my sleep"1
- Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2, Neutral Milk Hotel

"'Can I tell someone the things I've learned?
Can I tell someone the things I've learned?'
'I'm sorry, friend, that's none of my concern
It's time, it's time to go'"2
- The Angel of Death Came to David's Room, mewithoutYou

"They've been ignoring every word I speak
Each sentence torn by fibers, they think that I'm a freak
When will this nightmare end?"3
- the yak song, Vylet Pony

"And all the trust we put in things
In dictionaries, in engineering
In calendars, and television
And father's friends, and consequences"4
The Child With the Star On His Head, Sufjan Stevens

pssst… also, if you're here from Goat-Eyes' art fight page, yes, this is me, the creator of Harley, hi!

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