Dr. K. Stuff's Personnel File

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Whoops, it looks like this page is undergoing


and you stumbled into it mid-development! Please excuse the nonsense.

So, for anyone surprised, yea! My author page is undergoing massive revisions. Why? Well, I have been meaning to reorganize my author page for a long time. Like, a long, long time. Years, I think. And, due to the Art Exchange (go sign up before it's too late, go do it, do it now!) I was reminded of a tale that I forgot I even wrote. Part of forgetting that I wrote it was that it wasn't on my author page, and I realized, shit, that's where people can go to see stuff that I've written, if it's not there no one's gonna find it! I know for a fact that people do actually see my author page. I got a PM about it recently, from a low-karma person no less, so I know this is a useful thing to keep updated (not to mention having it nice and neat would soothe my psyche).

Anyhow, putting that tale, and a couple other things that aren't on my author's page, onto my author's page would require following the format I had previously laid out for myself, and that's part of the things I wanted to change, so I had no motivation to do that… but… I do, now, have extra motivation for changing up my author's page.

Hopefully that clears some things up! For the time being, if you want the old author page, you can just use the History button down at the bottom, and if you want a complete list of everything I have written (the main use of an author page), you can have it here, in strict alphabetical order.

& the Endings Thereof
...And I'm the Star!
A Hole in the Tapestry
A Welcome Distraction
A World Unto Yourself
Alice Özdemir
All the Details
Along for the Ride
And I Think To Myself...
Anders & Robin
Audrey Fuchs
Austin “Aggy” Genadew
Back in Habit
Be Strange or Be Forgotten
Blake Tillerson
Cardiac Myxoma
Cornelius the Collector
Curtain Call
Dad Goes to the Zoo
The Dance
Deceptive Cadence
Dire Wolf
Directive: Make America Normaler
Diving in the San Diego Sea
Elliot & Edna Had a Son Named Tim
Escapism I
Everything Will Be Okay
Everything Worth Doing is So Fucking Hard
Fae Goes to the Shelter
Forever Young
Get a Room
Go Big or Go Home
Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining
I Get It
I've Been Through the Desert on a Horse with No Name
It Feels Like I Only Go Backwards
Last One
Letters from Oregon
Life's a Show
New Life
Off the Hook
Old Connections
On the Radar
Online Dating
Out of Stasis
Pepper's Lament
Piece of Paradise
Say Cheese
SCP-445-EX - The Word of the Day is Hope
SCP-629 - Mr. Brass
SCP-1549 - In Absence of a Perfect Medium
SCP-2728 - On the Barcelona Skyline
SCP-2729 - What is it Good For?
SCP-2983 - Choco-Wonder Explosion Marshmallow Bites!™ by Dr. Wondertainment
SCP-3018 - France & the Tale of the Well-Intentioned Understudies
SCP-3379 - D-11424 and the Arctic Meat Hole of Infinite Wonders
SCP-3465 - Better Safe Than Sorry
SCP-3466 - Only Birdbrains Live the American Dream
SCP-3633 - I'm Right Behind Me
SCP-3713 - All the World’s a Stage
SCP-4006 - #MassaTruthetts
SCP-4029 - Too Many Legs to be Going Nowhere
SCP-4455 - In Short…
SCP-4465 - No Man is an Island
SCP-4466 - Why the Long Face?
SCP-4467 - Oh, I Get It Now
SCP-4468 - Take-a-Wish
SCP-5686 - Thanks, I'm Cured.
SCP-6131 - Incommunicado
Smoking on Company Time
Sometimes I Wish This Moment Could Last Forever
Sometimes the Best Intentions are in Need of Redemption
Souls & Somas
The Beginnings of Love
The Call to Action (for a Modern Audience)
The Consequences of a Deep, Dark Disassociation
The Elusive Mx. LaFerrier
The Mouse Hunter
The Old New
The Really Really Real Adventures in Capitalism
The Smell of Cellulose
The Supervisors
The Years Between
Tim & Audrey Had a Daughter Named Fae
Tim Wilson
To Think I've Spent My Whole Life Waiting
Tube Slides
Waiting on the Good Times
We Didn't Do This For Nothing
We Just Make Toys
What If Things Don't Make Sense?
Wilson's Wildlife Shelter
You Can't Win Them All

No, this isn't the best way to show all of my work. But it has one thing over my previous author's page; it actually has everything on it! Well, except hubs… no wait, now it does. If you came here looking to start up one of my series (or visit a canon of mine, or see a GoI I have made) then here you are:

Dancing with Rachael: Ascension
Dark Stuff for Sleepless Nights
Dr. K. Stuff's Personnel File
Dr. Wondertainment Hub
Take It Away, My Darling
The Ursus Maritimus Incident
What a Wonderful World
Wilson's Wildlife Solutions

The real version of this author page should be ready and updated before the New Year or shortly thereafter (you should never trust my schedules, please never trust my schedules). Please deal with this compromise in the meantime~!

Oh also, I really liked this idea, so here, there are some badges I have earned:

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