Dr Jon Drake's Personnel File

Name: "Dr." Jon Drake

Security Clearance: Level 3

Background: Unknown

Nationality: Unknown, though presumed British

Qualifications: None documented, though demonstrates doctorate level ability in the fields of BioPhysics, Applied Mathematics and Organic Chemistry

History: Unknown prior to ██-██-████. One of the few survivors of the event which [DATA EXPUNGED] together with the destruction of the entire facility. Fully establishing what occurred is further complicated by the amnesia suffered by all survivors. It has been confirmed that the being then designated as SCP-███ was neutralized, and speculated that the removal of all personal memories or documentation of the surviving team was probably its final dying act of revenge against its executioners.

Drake and the other survivors were designated as "John Does" and held for questioning. While impossible to establish their identity it was possible to confirm the survivor as Foundation staff thanks to [DATA EXPUNGED]. After intensive testing and interrogation it was established that none of the survivors suffered any lasting effects other than the amnesia and were classified safe. Most were subsequently terminated as security concerns. Drake only avoided the same fate due to the intervention of ██████████.

Although Drake harbors resentment against the Foundation for his treatment under interrogation, his situation prevents him from finding other work. The Foundation in turn keeps Drake under close observation in case he develops any further abnormalities from the event, but feel he is a valuable enough asset to continue his employment at present.

"Dr." Jon Drake took his new name from that of the British explorer. Although he was found [DATA EXPUNGED] after the events at [DATA EXPUNGED] his accent would suggest an upbringing in England. Though Drake does not possess any documented qualifications, he insists on being addressed as "Dr.", arguing that just because he can't remember or prove his credentials "that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve a little damn respect." Staff are encouraged to humor him, as he is liable to engage in juvenile reprisals against those he feels have disrespected him. Drake is currently working towards a doctorate in Psychology in order to formalize his honorific.

Obsolete Projects:
SCP-422 - Artifact Factory
Weakness of factory identified as [DATA EXPUNGED] resulting in factory being rendered inert. After examination, inert remains destroyed and SCP code reassigned.
SCP-838 - Attribute Stealer
On ██-██-████ artifact became unresponsive. Remains destroyed and SCP code reassigned.
Humanoid SCP with unnatural affinity for locks
Subject expired prior to initial SCP-status evaluation

Currently Documented Projects:
SCP-310 - Eternal Flame
SCP-596 - Cursed Regenerative Statue
SCP-825 - Helmet of Disturbing Visions

Upcoming Projects:
Insanity Log
Camera-phobic hive

Work in Progress:

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