Dr Glass' Personnel File

Name: Dr. Simon Glass

Security Clearance Level: ██████████

Duties: Head of Psychology

Profession: Psychology, Former Field Agent.

Location: Site-17

History: [DATA EXPUNGED], and was promoted due to his work with SCP-781. Since this promotion, Dr. Glass rarely has any field duties, but can be counted on during any low-danger emergencies. Currently has access to all Safe and Euclid humanoid SCPs, and other select SCPs.

Original Recovery or Upkeep Documentation

Additional Work:
Routine Psychological Evaluations By Dr Glass

Additional Notes:
Observation has shown Dr. Glass has a "softness" for the humanoid SCPs not usually fitting of SCP personnel. Ordering strict supervision until he has been deemed competent. We don't want another needless fiasco like that caused by Dr. Dantensen with SCP-105 due to emotional weakness. - Dr. Klein

Though it has been noted that Dr. Glass lacks both the worldly experience, age, and emotional detachment usually seen in Foundation personnel, thorough examinations as well as his work record show that he is fit to work at the Foundation despite concerns of 'softness'. This seems to be part of a natural empathy which makes him more apt for his duties. However, further promotion or administrative privileges are not advised. - O5-██

Note: I know what you're thinking. You think I'm gonna bust in here, and make some notes about something stupid Glass has done, or set him up for some pranks, but, hey, this is Glass! That's just rude, and I'm not doing it. -Dr. Bright

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