Dr Gibbons Personnel File

Full name: Dr. P██████ Gibbons, MD

Foundation Duties: Safe SCP Research and testing. Safe SCP retrieval, documentation and containment officer. ad-hoc system engineer, analyst tech support in Foundation's terminals and network. ad-hoc Medical Examiner (Global), Assistant medical examiner (Site 19), on-site Gamma-Class medical doctor (Site 19). ad-hoc Spanish translator and interpreter.

Education: Medical doctor with specialization in Forensic Medicine, as issued by the board of education of the University of ██████ █████ and deemed valid by Foundation HR department. Licenciate in Criminalistic Science with orientation in Ballistics, as issued by the board of education of the Higher Education Institute of the Federal Police of the █████████ Republic and deemed valid by Foundation HR department. Incomplete studies in the field of Licenciature of Computer Sciences, deemed invalid by Foundation HR department.
Security Clearance Level: 3 (Three)

Site(s) of operations: Site 17, 19, and limited on-demand field work to all locations within the South American continent.

SCP files documented: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Related files documented: Retrieval Log DB 4503 B

History: Dr. P██████ Gibbons worked for the Scientific Police of the █████████ Republic as a Medical Examiner until involved with incident ████-██ (related to SCP-███, see document [DATA EXPUNGED] for more information regarding [DATA EXPUNGED]). In the light of the heavy loss of personnel in Site 19 after said incident ████-██, plus the loss of medical and on-site retrieval personnel during incident ███-24-██████-A, O5 directive found a valuable Foundation asset in Gibbons and opted to hire him as a low-level Foundation researcher instead of the usual administration of a class A amnesiac. Dr. Gibbons is currently working as a multi-purpose, Medical-wing oriented researcher until the issue on lack of personnel stabilizes.

Personal Information:

  • Proved dexterity with weaponry handling stemming from his time as a Police force member.
  • Poor eyesight.

Psychological Profile by On-site Psychiatrist [DATA EXPUNGED]:

  • Generally sociable.
  • Has shown symptoms of high-functioning Tourette's Syndrome - diagnosis pending.
  • Fascinated with the Internet, and the societies that formed around the Internet (Mostly, the history of websites such as █████ and people surrounding them) Good, another one of those, that's JUST the thing we need. -O5-█
  • Has a noticeable speech difficulty stemming from English not being his first language and a tendency to speak too quickly.
  • Interests include: Sharpshooting, writing, reading, and "a metric fuckton of other stuff."


Addendum Gibbons-A:

Addendum Gibbons-B:
Will now dedicate all available time to brewing a coffee properly. If somebody like Clef ever gets to taste that colored water somebody will go on a killing spree. -O5-█

Note: Dr. Gibbons is not Dr. Bright. Dr. Bright is a gibbon. Dr. Gibbons does not need to display SCP-963 at all times, and should not be treated with hostility if he does not display it. Please keep this in mind for future interactions. -O5-6

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