Dr.Gears' Personnel File

Dr.Gears (aka "COG")

Euclid-class object specialist.

Security Class: [EXPUNGED]

Duties: Field Evaluation, Field Recovery, SCP development and review, object research.


Dr. Gears was approached in the early days of the Foundation's existence.  Since that time, he has assisted in several recovery and containment projects, and has been a valuable consultant during several events, notably [DATA EXPUNGED].  

Dr. Gears is a normal human being, and has thus far avoided any SCP Item contamination.  However, he posses some notable differences, mainly in the form of emotional response.  Dr. Gears appears unable to respond in an emotional manner to any outside stimulus, with very few exceptions.  Also, he appears to lack a startle reflex, and the basic form of “fight or flight” response.  A example is the [DATA EXPUNGED].  Despite both the internal bleeding and partial blindness, Dr. Gears calmly requested for the testing to finish, and walked under his own power to the medical ward a half hour later.  

When asked about these irregularities, the doctor responds “I'm good under pressure.”  Some members of staff have asked if Dr. Gears is a robot, or a SCP item.  Such inquires are to be directed to Dr. Gears.

Yearly review interview excerpt:


Dr. Gears: No, it’s not that they’re “out to get us”. Nothing is out to get us. Review the data, most of the SCP items do not actively seek to damage or harm anything. It’s an extension of their basic function, like a car emitting exhaust. It’s not that it intends to produce a toxic mix of chemicals in order to do harm; it’s just one of its functions.


Dr. Gears: With very few exceptions, no, I don’t believe they are. Their existence is just a determent to our existence. Other beings may view these items as basic as children’s toys or a spark plug. They are removed from their reality.


Dr. Gears: Why would they be sent to us? We all need to put away our “Mars Attacks!” cards and start being realistic. We are not under attack. We are not the “last line of defense”. We are not on the cusp of a new era. No one is out to get us, and no one is going to save us. These things exist because they exist, and will do whatever it is they do. I think that’s the problem we have, we want there to be some great plot or underlying reason for this. There’s not. We are alone, and the universe does not care. At least, I sincerely hope it doesn’t.

Current assignments:

SCP-882 - A Machine
SCP-053 - Young Girl
SCP-409 - Contagious Crystal
SCP-718 - Eyeball
SCP-162 - Ball of Sharp
SCP-238 - Building Complex
SCP-455 - Cargo Ship
SCP-015 - Pipe Nightmare
SCP-682 - Hard-to-Destroy Reptile
SCP-914 - The Clockworks
SCP-028 - Knowledge
SCP-104 - The Lonely Ball
SCP-184 - The Architect
SCP-172 - The Gearman
SCP-201 - The Empty World
SCP-212 - The Improver
SCP-217 - The Clockwork Virus
SCP-236 - Mimic "Crabs"
SCP-229 - Wire Weed
SCP-261 - Pan-Dimensional Vending
SCP-280 - Eyes In The Dark
SCP-293 - Obsession
SCP-352 - "Baba Yaga"
SCP-386 - Eternal Fungus
SCP-470 - Nexus of Abandoned Places
SCP-510 - Soft Death
SCP-575 - Predatory Darkness
SCP-775 - Hungry Ticks
SCP-716 - The Train
SCP-367 - Little Dog
SCP-791 - Water Ball
SCP-084 - Static Tower
SCP-106 - The Old Man
SCP-673 - Tissues
SCP-695 - Eels
SCP-1013 - Cockatrice
SCP-4940 - Transforming Transformer
SCP-6341 - Canadian Mail Void
SCP-197 - Crystal Spiders
SCP-216 - Water Absorber
SCP-039 - The Parasite
SCP-306 - Frog Rot
SCP-527 - Deadly Block
SCP-218 - Lamprey-Mass Organism
SCP-406-ARC - Mysterious Life Form

Support Documents:

Interview 882-1
Personal Log of Gordon Richards
Personal log of Paul Martin
Personal Log of Dr. Gears
Experiment Log 187-1
Experiment Log 914
SCP-212 Upgrade Log
Archived Incident 076-2/682
Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682
CoTBG "Bible" Fragments
Recovered Documents From Cell 3
Transcript Found on Storage Level B-8

Additional Documentation:

Work manifest for Dr.Gears
Document 8668206-DG
Dr. Gears storytime entries
Electronic Shadows project

Perfection - Mr. McCredie and the former SCP-138
Epitaph - Iceberg and Gears share some quality conversation
The King Is Dead - What if…
Transcript Found on Storage Level B-8 - More disinformation?
Clockwork Time - Who can say what you might find, if you look back far enough?
Splinters - "No man is an island, entire of itself"

  • Opening Moves - Sometimes you start to play a game well before you're aware of it.
  • Queen to Pawn - Every piece is useful, somehow.

The Lockdown - Containment breach incident of SCP-110

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