Dr. Gears' Heated Gaming Moment
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"Oh shi-"

Iceberg narrowly avoids certain death by ducking to avoid the controller at the last second. What the hell was that? Did someone just throw a controller with enough force to break through a wall? It's been one day since Site-19 got an Xbox, are people seriously already flipping their shit at video games? Unbelievable.

He grabs the controller and storms into the new Site-19 game room. If this were a cartoon, steam would be coming out of his ears right now.

"Who the fuck threw this? You almost killed me!"

He's expecting it to be either Clef or Kondraki. He's not expecting Gears to be the only person in the room, sitting in front of a game of Call of Duty. Gears doesn't react to Iceberg's loud entrance for a moment, but eventually turns to face the stunned doctor with the same blank expression he always has.

Iceberg is too shocked to react at first as Gears silently walks out of the room. When he's able to process information again, he turns back to the hallway.


Gears turns back to face him. Now that Iceberg isn't completely floored, he can see that the other doctor's eye is twitching slightly.

"Hello, Doctor Iceberg. I apologize for endangering you. As you can see, I had a brief lapse of judgement while using the new entertainment system."

"I can see that, yeah. Are…are you alright?"

"I'm perfectly fine."

"You sure? You threw that controller really hard-"

"Yes, I'm aware, thank you. And yes, I am sure. Now, if you'll excuse me."

Gears begins to walk away, but turns around just before leaving Iceberg's vision.

"By the way, please inform xxDarkShadow42069xx that I had sexual intercourse with his mother last night. Thank you."

The next morning, Gears finds a small punching bag on his desk when he arrives at his office. There's a note taped to the top.

"This is a much better way to let out your anger. If you almost kill your assistant again, I will throw you out of this site.


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