Dr. Frederick Heiden
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Name: Dr. Frederick Heiden

Security Clearance: Level 1

Specialization: Neuroethics was the focus of Dr. Heiden's doctoral dissertation and postdoctoral work at The University of ████████████. Dr. Heiden joined the Foundation as an employee of Soap From Corpses Products, Inc. as an ethical consultant, and his credentials were quickly evaluated and deemed suitable for further use by the Foundation. Dr. Heiden's extensive education in neurology is his primary asset to the Foundation and his skills there are to be encouraged. Frederick is more than capable of handling research involving Safe-class objects, but is not to be permitted to access Euclid or Keter level object dossiers unless absolutely necessary. Dr. Heiden has demonstrated a worrying regard for the well-being of personnel under his authority (including D-class), and may behave irrationally if informed of the containment procedures required for many Keter-class objects.

Site of Operations: Site 17, currently handling day-to-day operations regarding SCP-641 for his superior, Dr. ████████, who is responsible for several SCPs stored at the facility.

SCP Files Filed:
SCP-943 - Repayment In Kind
SCP-830 - Inky Quicksand
SCP-764 - The Obscene Show
SCP-749 - Rain Drops
SCP-702 - The Trader's Residence
SCP-678 - The Trauma Harvester
SCP-641 - The Pacifier

Works Submitted:

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