Dr. Fisher's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. ██████ █████ Fisher

Security Clearance Level: Level 3

Occupation: SCP Researcher, Theorist

Site of Operations: Dr. Fisher's office was located within Research Sector-15. Contact via PDA or other means is impossible.

History: Submitted application and resume after assisting Foundation operatives during [[DATA EXPUNGED]]. Hired 2 years later, ██/██/19██.

Dr. Fisher is a PhD in Mathematics and a Bachelor in both Philosophy and Biology. His duties within the Foundation and Research Sector-15 involved SCP application, destruction, and ████████████.

Since [[DATA EXPUNGED]], Dr. Fisher displayed empathy toward inanimate objects. This empathy usually manifested itself in Dr. Fisher scolding his equipment or carrying one-sided conversations with furniture.

Dr. Fisher has been missing for several years after ██████████████████ required Sector-15's evacuation. Eyewitnesses report Dr. Fisher encrypting files, [[DATA EXPUNGED]], and utilising the maintenance tunnels. No body nor trail was found during Sector-15's reclamation.

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