Dr. Ersen's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Erik "Erku" Ersen. This is openly admitted to be an assumed name for security reasons. Real name █████ ███████

Security Clearance Level: Level 4 authorisation as of ██-██-2014

Occupation: Biomedical researcher. Specialisations include analytical biochemistry, medicine. Qualifications include BSc (chemistry), MSc (biochemistry), MD (neurology).

History: Recruited from the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 1995 after unknowingly researching SCP-███, thinking it was a novel species of clam. After being approached by the Foundation, accepted a scholarship to attend medical school in ████████, in return for a ██ year research contract. After completing residency at █████████ Hospital, entered Foundation life full time. Moved on-site to Site ██ in 2010; promoted to level 4 and given a full portfolio of SCP's to operate as head of a research group.

Civilian Work: Dr. Ersen has maintained a consistent stream of Foundation-funded civilian-accessible research papers, based on publically releasable work that is frequently derived from SCP-gleaned understanding of biology. A list of his published papers can be found on Pubmed under the name "Ersen, EK".

Research Group:
Ersen Lab A: Biomedical SCP research. Located at Site-██.
Ersen Lab B: Biomedical research for public release. Located in the University of [REDACTED], Canada.
Moriglioni Lab: Behavioural research and paramilitary operations. Located in ██████████████, Italy.
Ishihara Lab: [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP Portfolio:

SCP-047: "Microbial Mutagen". Ersen Lab adjunct project.
SCP-328: "An Unidentified Disc". Personal project (hobby). No official funding.
SCP-420: "Aggressive Skin Condition". Ersen Lab core project.
SCP-453: "The Scripted Nightclub". Moriglioni Lab core project.

Related Documentation:
Personal log, Dr. Ersen: On ceasing my life as a commuter to Site ██, and my promotion to level 4.

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