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Dr. Eric M. Dillinger

Security Clearance Level:

Interdepartmental Affairs Liaison for Human Resources1
Ethics Committee Member2

SCP Casefiles Evaluated on Behalf of the Ethics Committee

Papers Published Within the Foundation Network:
Deconstructing Decommissions
Gender Biases in the Acquisition of D-Class Personnel
Pronoun Disambiguation for Interaction with Non-Humanoid Entities: A Primer
Ethics & Silence: The Information Management of SCP-2377
Amnestic Rehabilitation and Related Concerns

Extracurricular and Currently Unverified Documents:

A proponent of progressive ethical reforms in the workplace, Dr. Eric Dillinger was headhunted by the Foundation's Human Resources Department in 2004. Previously, Dr. Dillinger held a non-tenured teaching position with the UC-Berkeley Philosophy Department in addition to publishing independent papers predominantly focused on the integration of ethics and humanities curricula into the realm of industrial and organizational psychology.

Educational Achievements and Accolades:
PhD in Philosophy from the University of California-Berkeley
LHD in Philosophy and Societal Contributions from Stanford University

Foundation Commendations:
Batting Average Champion3

Personnel Note 10/10/2008:

Request to be upgraded to a terminal produced after 1990.
- Dr. Dillinger

Overseer Council Note 10/11/2008:

Request denied.
- O5-2
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