Dr deValmont's Personnel File

DEVALMONT, Ríkarð I. Picture taken during Foundation Winter social event, 20██.

Name: Dr Ríkarð I███ deValmont, BSc.(Cantab). MPhys. Ph.D. FRSM(Rescinded), RVO(Anulled).

Site Number: 12M/552.23MA

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Curator (Anomalous/Esoteric Toys and Media, Site ██)

HR Report: All our records point to Dr deValmont having been born in Iceland in 1958 on one of the islands comprising the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. At some point during the ensuing 18 years deValmont travelled to the northeast coast of England, during which time he developed his distinctive Yorkshire/Eyjafjallajökull accent.

  After a productive but uneventful period of undergraduate study at Trinity College Cambridge, Dr deValmont began a postgraduate degree at the illustrious academic institution www.mastersformoolah.org, graduating First with Honours and a tax-deductible receipt. Shortly after this came the first time that the doctor’s dalliances with laudanum caused problems in his professional capacity – see Footnote 1.1

  Dr deValmont joined the Foundation during May 1980, shortly after the events at the [REDACTED] and his subsequent [REDACTED]. It was decided by the Royal Society that it would be best if he was relocated to a less high-profile job after several attempts on his life by protestors. It was at this time that the Foundation was made aware of his skills and the need for a prominent scientist to retire from public life, and took him on as a researcher. He lives permanently on Site ██, and has requested personally that post-mortem, his remains be [DATA EXPUNGED].2

  After four years working in a research capacity Dr deValmont was promoted to a bespoke curatorial position due to his skill in examination and experimentation of Safe designated artifacts, in particular ones related to childhood toys and games:


Excerpt from Psych Evaluation: deValmont, R. I. ██/██/████:

deValmont: I don’t know, there’s just something about the toy ones, you know? The creepy little bastards make my fingers twitch, I can’t resist them.

  Although somewhat withdrawn under normal circumstances, Dr deValmont often surprises his colleagues with periods of great exhuberance when working on a new artifact placed under his control, or when a new piece of software by the Bethesda Corporation is sent to him.

 Most recent Psych evaluation: Not completed.3


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