Dr. Demers' Personnel File

Dr. Oliver Demers.

Name: Dr. Octavius Olivia Owen Oscar Oliver Demers.

Clearance Level: Level-2. Access to level-3 documents may be provided on a situational basis.

Occupation: Foundation researcher and former DGSE1 agent. Specializes in amphibious ranine entities.

Location: Frequently relocated; personal office at Site-177.

History Born in Saint-Malo, France, Dr. Demers was recruited by the Foundation at the age of 29, after having worked as a profiler with the Directorate for four years. Attended École Normale Supérieure in Paris, and graduated with a major in mathematics, and a minor in herpetology. Dr. Demers was notably involved in the containment of several SCP-954 instances that had made a borough in Bayeux prior to his employment with the Foundation.

Dr. Demers was initially employed as a Foundation field agent after parting ways with the Directorate. Their experience as a profiler was prioritized over their experience as a researcher and herpetologist.
Dr. Demers worked directly with MtF Nu-12 ("Premonition Party") during the initial containment of SCP-3594, before formally requesting to be transferred to full time research staff. Request granted on 03/01/2015.

Dr. Demers has been employed by the Foundation for six years, and is currently 35 years of age.

Additional Information: Dr. Demers' personal office at Site-177 is located where the old boiler room was prior to renovations, in the basement. Currently, Dr. Demers has been approved to keep two pet frogs, one albino ceratophrys, and one dyscophus antongilii2.

Dr. Demers is particularly fond of music from the late 50's, and the early 60's. Colleagues working at Site-177 have consistently reported hearing Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra coming from the Southeastern staircase, leading to Dr. Demers' office. Due to frequent noise complaints, sound proofing Dr. Demers' office is under consideration.

Despite claiming otherwise, Dr. Demers was not bitten by a radioactive toad as a teenager, and does not have the properties of a "super-frog".

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