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Dr. P. Dagon

Dr. P. Dagon

Dr. Dagon, circa 1996. As described in Project RUBY1

Born 1995
Died 1999

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Dr. Pierre Dagon is/was a Canadian scientist at Foundation Site-403, known for his work in the Department of Sciences (DoS) and as a prominent member of the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division (AIAD).

Dr. Dagon is/was considered to be a polymath of standard and anomalous research methodologies. His expertise in determination of properties and effects of sentient anomalies and of anomalous objects through his background in analytical and interpretive science techniques led him to excel at determining proper containment procedures upon their arrival to the Department of Sciences.

Early Life

Dagon was born to Dianne Trimble and Jonathan Dagon eight months from first diagnosis shortly after Valentines Day, 1995. Dagon's first few weeks of life were spent in an incubator due to his habit of turning blue during bouts of stubbornness towards breathing. However, his opposition towards air is not believed to have contributed to his later development. As a toddler, Dagon was known for the many added straps into his stroller due to his frequent attempts to escape and run into the street.

As an adolescent, Dagon frequently engaged in risky behaviour such as running full-speed into walls head-first, experimenting with various toxic substances,2 and instigating conflict between nearby persons to fuel his addiction to stress.3 It was during one of his self-induced panic attacks that Dagon first became aware of the latent reality-warping abilities held by all emotive beings. Dagon would later reference these experiences as inspiration for his work with the AIAD.

As a young adult, Dagon excelled in the sciences beyond his peers.4 However, he was frequently in trouble and was warned against becoming a scientist due to his attitude towards authority5 and general disinterest in his education.6 Outside of his schooling, Dagon also engaged in sports,7 music,8 and volunteering.9 Dagon has often credited his experiences in scouting in his development of skills related to management10 and reacting to unexpected situations.11

Foundation attention

Dagon first entered the eye of the Foundation during his youth when he became involved in a search for a rare Canadian Chupacabra. In this event, Dagon was participating in a "Blood Hunt"12 when his group stumbled upon a second path of blood leading deeper into the woods. After tasting the blood and finding it to be real, Dagon's group decided that this second path must have been the correct path and followed it to the corpse of a deer that had been freshly killed and drained by the Chupacabra. Dagon and his group were amnesticized the following morning, although Dagon is believed to have retained all memory of the event due to a temporal procedure he would later undergo after the events of Project RUBY.

Dagon would then be observed by Foundation personnel throughout much of his life as he had many other encounters with the anomalous. Some Foundation personnel13 have even gone as far as proposing that Dagon had become some sort of living nexus sometime in his childhood due to the sheer amount of anomalous occurrences that had occurred around him, although no tests of this theory had ever been performed. Of particular note, Dagon's presence often changed the activity of barbershops that he entered, causing hairdressers to enter a fugue state and act uncharacteristically of their professional and typical identity,14 and conferences that he attended, causing technology to malfunction around him.15

Career at the Foundation

Dr. Dagon has held multiple roles at the Foundation during his tenure. In October of 2020, he completed Foundation training as a Butterfly Reviewer and became involved in the critique and review of internal documentation as a copy editor of the Journal of Predation and Containment. Additionally, Dr. Dagon has been involved in various other Foundation initiatives, although the majority of these records are still being retrieved after the events of Project Ruby.

Early Career at the DoS (2020 - 2024)

Undergoing retrieval process

Involvement in the capture of [Unknown] (2007 - 2008)

Undergoing retrieval process

Career as a lead researcher at the DoS (2008 - 2017)

Undergoing retrieval process

Career as the department head of the DoS (2017 - 2024)

Undergoing retrieval process

Career as the head researcher of the AIAD (1986-1999)

Dr. Dagon oversaw the AIAD task force responsible for containing a hostile extraterrestrial construct released from containment in 1996. His knowledge of computers and artificial intelligence, developed in his work at the Foundation between 2008 and 2024 before being sent back in time to 1986 by a reality bending anomaly, made him an invaluable asset for the early AIAD program.

Greetings from Site-15 by daviiiddaviiid; From left to right is Dr. Nathan Valis (Dr. Placeholder), Dr. Pierre Dagon, Yves Isabi, and Agent Tyler Umen from the Limited Memory series

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