Dr. Dafydd's Personnel File

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What we were, our former names
We aren't quite sure from where we came.

- Gregory J. Holgate

Name: Dr. Zachary Taliesin Dafydd

Security Clearance Level: 3

Department: Department of Anomalous Humanoid Psychology, Formerly Department of Oneirology Studies

Occupation: Psychoanalysis, Oneirologist, Field Researcher

Location: Site-12, Formerly Site-59

Profile: A steel hand in a cotton glove and an example of the benefits of the Dartmoor Agreement, Dr. Dafydd is one of the Foundation's greatest assets in anomalous behaviour management and has made significant improvements, resulting in personnel-anomaly cooperation reaching an all-time high in a number of sites. Stationed at Site-12, the good doctor is usually seen either drinking rum spiked tea, studying the latest papers on oneiric therapy, monitoring SCPs' behaviour, or drawing crude pictures of Sidhe in painful positions. Addressing the Sidhe or related topics around Dr. Dafydd is not recommended.

A number of rumours surround Dr. Dafydd. These include his past with the Serpent's Hand, his ability to speak Purple, his affair with the Mayor of Three Portland and his grand collection of stuffed toys, his favourite being a rabbit called Blackberry. The one rumour that is circulated the most, however, is the origin of his theriomorphism. Many a time has Dr. Dafydd been asked the reason for his rabbit form and many a time has he provided a possible answer. The most popular answer being, "I really like carrots", followed by a twitch of the nose.

SCP-6879: Mr. Kaboom

[11 Aug 2022 12:17] [+38] (10 comments)

Whilst at Site-██, SCP-6879 continued to behave erratically. On top of sleep deprivation, they also began talking in their sleep, resumed thumb sucking and showed signs of isolation and dissociation.

SCP-6475: Playtime's Over, Charlie

[30 Aug 2022 20:34] [+22] (7 comments)

Siwan Caradog was impacted more than any other specialist and suffered from a nervous breakdown a few days later. Caradog was given two weeks of immediate leave in order to recover.

SCP-6916: Hiraeth and the Land of My Fathers

[14 Nov 2022 13:46] [+31] (4 comments)

A World Full of Weeping - Part 1

Subject finds themselves walking along a beach during a thunderstorm. The beach's composition and size vary but the presents of the storm is consistent. In the background, the faint sound of bells can be heard.

SCP-6505: The Church Grims

[29 Dec 2022 23:24] [+25] (4 comments)

On 09/05/1999, an SCP-6505 event was activated in the St Illtyd's Church's graveyard in Bro Morgannwg, Wales. The activator, Cadi Iolo, was visiting her father's grave at the time.

SCP-6796: Come away, O human child…

[19 May 2023 08:26] [+22] (12 comments)

A World Full of Weeping - Part 3

Personnel attempted to detain Mr. Quince but were unsuccessful, with many of the personnel being killed in the brawl. Mr. Quince then breached containment and managed to escape Site-24, killing 2 and injuring 6 members of personnel while escaping.

SCP-7669: It's Hard to Comprehend

[10 Jul 2023 20:55] [+50] (15 comments)

As expected, D-7787 could not remember what had occurred during the experiment but made several requests to witness SCP-7669 again. All requests were denied. D-7787's [DATA EXPUNGED] was removed from the SCP-7669 instance by personnel with Class-3 Memetic Resistance training.


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