Dr Cuddles Author Page

Name: Doctor ''Dr'' Cuddles (PhD)

Security Clearance Level: 2, pending on good behaviour.

Location: By appointment only.

History: Dr Cuddles is a talented scientist of many parts (some assembly required, not suitable for children under 29) with a career that goes far beyond checkered and well into paisley motif territory. In the scientific community, he was best known for developing the nano-yoga therapies for cells undergoing replicative stress.

His recruitment as a Foundation scientist occurred serendipitously after he was accepted as a temporary Santa Claus understudy for the 2012 Holiday Party. When he chanced to discover what the Foundation was really about, it became obvious that it would not be possible to get rid of him. It was decided that the best way to salvage the situation would be to offer him a position as adjunct assistant junior scientist and instruct him to go looking for funding.

Open Access Peer-Reviewed Articles:

  1. SCP-1816 With Skill And Care
  2. SCP-1819 Darkness is Only Skin Deep
  3. SCP-1886 The More The Merrier
  4. SCP-1811 Shelf Life
  5. SCP-1869 The Silence of the Forest


Works of Friction:

  1. The Lonely Road
  2. Family Planning

Supplementary Material

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