Dr. Burns Personnel File

Name: Dr. Timothy "Doc" Burns

Security Clearance Level: 2

Occupation: On-Site Medical Staff

History: Dr. Timothy Burns was born and raised in ███████, █████. Graduated with honors from ████ Medical School, despite a long, if mostly suspected, record of stealing cadavers from the morgue and posing them in classrooms and halls of the school. First came to Foundation attention when he aided in the capture of [REDACTED], by beating it senseless with a surgical tray. When later interviewed, Dr. Burns claimed it had "Stolen his lunch" and that "the little bastard had to pay". Operates in Site 19 Medical Wing, but frequently will go on recovery missions with agent as support staff.

Addendum: Doctor Burns is to stop leaving his lunch in the morgue, despite his claims that "it's so much colder there". The fridge in the Site 19 break room should be adequate for his needs.

Doctor Burns has also frequently been reprimanded for using Class-D personnel outside of their normal uses. A Class-D does not make an excellent footstool.

Disciplinary Report 51b-46

Aided in Recovery of:
SCP-137 - In collaboration with Doctor Mann.

Project Dossier:
The Samaritan
The Designer
On The Third Day
Interview Log 769-43
Hiding Beauty
Taking Stock
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's-!?
Daddy Long Legs
The Tailor

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