Personnel Director Bright's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Jack Bright also answers to Doc, Dr. J, or "Oh god no."

Security Clearance Level: Level █. In lieu of recent events, Dr. Bright has been promoted to Personnel Director for sites 17, 19, and 63. But not Site 12. Never site 12. We do not talk of Site 12. There is no Site 12. There was never a Site 12. God save our souls.

Profession: Researcher, Mad Scientist, Foundation Bookie

Location: Wherever Needed.

History: Rose to the top of his field in bioengineering and abnormal genetics. Got recruited by the Foundation when they picked up his younger brother, SCP-590. Given SCP-963 to work with. Died. Came back. Has since been instrumental in work with several SCPs, and assisted in the refinement of many more.

SCP Work:
SCP-963 Immortality
SCP-590 He Feels Your Pain
SCP-721 Factory Toys
SCP-5555-j Chibinator
SCP-573 The Pied Pipe
SCP-050 To the Cleverest
SCP-627 The Perpetual Circle
SCP-894 - Speak No, Hear No, See No
SCP-528 -Voodoo Putty
SCP-029 - Daughter of Shadows
SCP-161 - Pinwheels of DOOM!!!
SCP-321 - the Child
SCP-100-J - A big steaming pile of horse shit
SCP-693 - Knotty Stalkers
SCP-902 - The Final Countdown
SCP-1337 - The Hitchhiker
SCP-834 - Marked
SCP-1004 - Factory Porn
SCP-1777 - Kings Cave
SCP-1590 - The Book of Tamlin
SCP-2976 - The Hall of the Lost King

Decommissioned SCPs

Bright Tales:

Additional Notes:
Dr. Bright is not allowed physical contact with any intelligent, living SCP not classified as Safe.

Dr. Bright is not allowed at site 17. Having proven himself trustworthy and loyal, Bright is once again allowed at Site 17.

Dr. Bright has proven highly resistant to psychic and emotional manipulation. Whether this is natural, or a function of 963, is both unknown, and untestable.

Jack acts as the unofficial bookie of the Foundation. If someone is betting on it, there's better then even chance that Doc is holding the books. We could shut him down, but it serves as a needed distraction for many of the researchers.

Dr. Bright somehow has been given access over the personnel files. We don't know how this happened, but it sure is entertaining.

O5 Note:Do not allow Dr. Bright to know, but several of his overwrites have been allowed to live, to work on special projects. Dr Brights 2-7 are assigned as follows [Data Redacted]

For complete list of Dr. Brights infractions, please see the official list of things Dr. Bright is no longer allowed to do at the foundation. If more infractions are discovered, please feel free to add them. -O5-6

Note: Oook, ook ook ook, eek. Oook, eeeek. Oook ook eek eek, ook ook ok. OOOOOOK. Oook. Ook ook. -MB

Note: …The hell? Who the fuck wrote that? I resent those implications about my mother, damn it! -Dr. Bright

Note: Dr. Bright: When did this information leak first come into existence? This could be a serious problem… -O5-12


We do not talk about this picture.

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