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Security Credentials Recognized, Welcome to the Foundation's Internal Database systems

Welcome to Site 234's Internal database. Credentials recognized, Access Approved.

Current Site Director: Co-Directors Dir. and Dir. Andrews

Head of Security: Agent ██████

Head of Research: Dr. Regina ██████

Resident MTF: Chi-7 "Plague Tamers"

Description Site 234 is one of the Foundations youngest facilities, having been constructed in the fall of 1983. Site 234 serves as a center for research and containment of Micro, Molecular, and Biochemical anomalies, and was constructed with 13 separate BSL-4 and 26 BSL-3 laboratories, as well as more than 200 BSL-2 facilities. Site 234 currently houses more than 200 contained anomalies, 1000 personnel that live on site, and another 8000 that commute to site 234 from the major city of Birmingham, Alabama.

Site 234 serves as a leading source of biomedical research for the Foundation, pioneering medicinal compounds in use by many Foundation medical personnel which have yet to be leaked to the public. Next to site 19, site 234 is one of the foundation's largest facilities, and is expected to grow larger in the near future as the number of small scale biological anomalies increases. For further information on wings, site layout, and topography please consult our secure facility dossier.

Character Profiles

Name: Sherry O'Keeffe Andrews

Age: 25

Height: 175.26 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Relationship Status: Married

Organization: The Foundation

Clearance Level: 4

Employee ID: ██████-████

Degree (if applicable): Bachelors of Science, Microbiology; PhD, Immunology.

Position(s): Co-Director Site-234, Oversight MTF-Chi-7 ("Plague Tamers"), deputy chair Foundation Department of Medical and Biological research.

Appearance: Slim but athletic build. Green almond shaped eyes, small pointed nose, thick bottom lip, prominent high set cheekbones, freckles across the face and shoulders. Hair is long, and ranges from a dark maroon to a fiery crimson in color depending on the amount of recent sunlight exposure. Is in peak mental and physical condition for her age.

Dr. Andrews prefers clothing/apparel that is both stylish and comfortable. She avoids overtly formal wear barring events that absolutely require it, and despises heels of any kind.

Work Attire: Boots, either knee high riding boots or standard issue combat boots, flats, and occasionally athletic/tennis shoes. Wears either slacks or jeans, skirts are reserved for more formal events. Tops consist of either a blouse or button up shirt, underneath a blazer, vest, or more formal cardigan.

Casual attire: Boots, knee high, Athletic shoes, primarily during runs or trips requiring lots of walking, and occasionally flip flops. Jeans, leggings, and sweatpants. Tops are usually less dressy blouses, T-shirts, sleeveless/strapless tops, cardigans, and occasionally just a sports bra.

Personality: Sherry Andrews is an ambitious, willful woman, with a no-nonsense attitude towards her subordinates. She's efficient, ambitious, and extraordinarily intelligent, calculating every move and word. Outwardly, she can be cold, emotionless, callous, and at times, sadistic. She appears to take pleasure from others discomfort, especially in subordinates, and either antagonize or harass them if they open themselves to it. Certain parties within Site-234 refer to her as "The Crimson Witch of the Southeast" due to this behavior.

Despite the rough exterior, Sherry Andrews is inwardly an empathetic and emotional person, and often displays this with subtle, even unconscious actions, such as saving Leep, her husband, from a potentially fatal mugging before they began dating. To friends and loved ones, Sherry Andrews is known for witty, groan inducing puns, and her addiction to adrenaline, specifically rollercoasters.

Background: Sherry O'Keeffe Andrews was left at an orphanage in ██████, Ohio on February 3rd 1992. No records of Dr. Andrews parents are known to exist, and Foundation genetic databases have not been able to identify any living relatives. Dr. Andrews grew up in the American Foster Care system, often bouncing between homes due to poor funding and/or abusive sponsors. During her time within the system, Dr. Andrews developed a cynical, and cold exterior to protect herself and others from the harsh realities of her day to day life.

Despite this rough childhood, Dr. Andrews excelled in academics, skipping 3 grades and launching straight into High School at the age of 11 years old. Her prowess with mathematics, and especially biology drew the attention of some within the Foundation, especially those at the relatively young Site-234. Dr. Andrews graduated Salutatorian, later claiming that she didn't receive valedictorian due to being disinterested in the rather non-rigorous nature of her inner city high school classes, preferring to pursue personal research into the hard sciences.

Dr. Andrews was accepted into a number of schools, but decided to attend a small private university in Memphis Tenessee. She secured her Bachelors degree within two and a half years, graduating summa cum laude. Dr. Andrews then applied and was accepted into The University of Alabama's Immunology Doctoral program. During the duration of her Doctoral program, Sherry Andrews became enamored with another PhD candidate in the competing Virology program, Dr. Leep Andrews. Initially only having a few classes together, and having a 4 year age difference between them, their relationship remained platonic for the duration of their first year within their respective programs.

By the second year, Sherry had begun developing serious romantic feelings for her new friend, and settled on pursuing those feelings in the most characteristic way possible: Harassing the shit out of him until he agreed to go on a date. Eventually, said actions lead to a joint PhD thesis involving the complex interaction of human immune cells in response to a variety of retroviruses, leading to a full published transcript and receival of their Doctorates after 3 years of work.

Following their graduation, Sherry and Leep Andrews were approached by Foundation representatives. Both parties jumped at he opportunity and soon found themselves working through the ranks, until they were named Co-directors of Site-234.

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