Dr. Blast's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. ██████ "Blast" ████

Security Clearance: Level 3 (Level 4 clearance under review)

Occupation: Euclid-class, Safe-class, and non-sentient object researcher.

Site of Operations: Site 17 (Reassignment under review)

SCP Files Authored: SCP-468, SCP-462, SCP-483, SCP-316, SCP-504

Log Files: Experiment Log 316

Profile: Dr. Blast is an SCP Researcher currently working at Site 17.  He appears to be a normal Caucasian, 5'10", brown hair, age indeterminate due to SCP-483.  He was allegedly given a doctorate in Computer Science, and displays skill and interest in experimenting with non-sentient SCPs. He claims he is amiable with most personnel, unless they make mistakes.  Co-workers describe him as "more intolerant than arrogant", and reviews show that he is not popular with his staff.  Dr. Blast is reportedly easily frightened, which may or may not be why he has advocated the destruction of over ██ SCPs to date.  He exhibits an observable aversion to sentient SCPs, any sort of danger, and SCP-447.

History: No records or memories of Dr. Blast's existence or work at the Foundation prior to ██-██-20██ exist, presumably due to an accident with SCP-483: he was discovered in the SCP-483 testing area during apparently unscheduled experimentation, wearing a standard lab-coat with no identification.  Dr. Blast insists that he has worked with the Foundation for ██ years, and was instrumental in the creation of [DATA EXPUNGED], though only scattered and inconclusive proof of these claims has been found.  After demonstrating his skills and knowledge about a variety of SCPs to O5-█, Dr. Blast's position was partially "reinstated", with return to his alleged position pending review.

Addendum: Dr. Blast has exhibited a lethal grudge against a certain low-level janitorial employee, having made at least █ recorded attempts against his life to date.  When questioned, he alleges that the man "can't clean worth a damn", and refuses to explain further.  Observation seems to indicate that Dr. Blast's grudge is connected with the origins of his nickname, and possibly SCP-447.

Note: No one knows who the fuck this guy is, and we just let him in and working on top secret projects, cause he says some thing erased his existence? Right. I call Church of the Broken God plant. Just give me one hour with him and a pair of spoons, and I'll make sure he talks. -Dr. Bright

Note: I bet I can make him talk in half an hour with one teacup. - Clef

Note: 15 minutes with a thimble. -Dr. Bright

Note: You're on. - Clef

Note: Dr. Blast has been remanded to the infirmary for rest and recovery from accidental thimble wounds suffered during normal operations. On a completely unrelated note, Drs. Clef and Bright are to be given disciplinary actions for misappropriating Foundation property (specifically: one (1) Mk-1 Fingertip Protection Device (Thimble)) - O5-11

Note: Formal request of transfer to "the fuck out of here" by Dr. Blast: (denied) - O5-█

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