Dr. BeeDee's Personnel File
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Name: Dr. BeeDee (alias)

Security Clearance: Level 2


After achieving degrees in both molecular genetics and computer science, Dr. B████ D██████ found very little in either field to excite his interests. After several years of casting about for a project or career that suited his tastes, the SCP Foundation came to his attention - and vice versa - after he became involved in the discovery of SCP-686. Having provided several interesting insights and ideas for avenues of experimentation, the Foundation decided that silencing him would be a waste and instead offered him employment.

Since joining the foundation BeeDee was assigned to assist in researching relatively safe SCPs and soon took over as principle investigator on several after they'd been certified as contained.

Dr. BeeDee keeps an SCP-731-2 named 'Sarah' in a cage in his office as part of a long-term acclimation experiment. The rodent appears to have lost some of its fear of humans and visitors are advised not to poke their fingers or other appendages through the cage's bars.

Current projects:

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