Dr. Barnes' Personnel File
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Folder of Dr. Barnes' personal history and work documentation from her baseline reality up to her last resident reality.

Name: Dr. Jamie Barnes

Security Clearance: Level 3

Position: Head of Extra-Dimensional Studies at Site-99

History: Jamie Barnes is not native to this reality, instead originating from Universe 7382-Epsilon-Blue-Gamma.

At roughly 12:00 p.m. on 02/08/2015, Jamie Barnes spontaneously appeared in this reality in the center of Site-99’s Mess Hall. At the exact same time of her appearance, her counterpart in our reality, Dr. Jameson Barnes, slipped and fell down a flight of stairs in his home. He suffered a multitude of injuries and was subsequently pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Believing her to be a hostile entity or perhaps a spy from a GoI, the Foundation took Barnes into custody and immediately put her under interrogation. The full log can be found below:

A week after Dr. Barnes' appearance in the baseline reality, the O5 Council unanimously voted to instate her as Head of Head of Extra-Dimensional Studies at Site-99, thereby replacing her counterpart Dr. Jameson Barnes. All documentation brought by Dr. Barnes is currently being investigated and copied. A list of all of Dr. Barnes' previous host realities can be found below:

Anomalous Properties: While it has not yet been observed, Dr. Barnes claims to be subject to an unknown temporal anomaly. She claims that when the reality she resides in reaches a certain, “damage threshold,” she will find herself transferred to a new reality in which existence is not yet compromised. This ability is extended even further to her personal safety, as she also has stated that if any immediate danger would befall her, it will activate before she is killed. According to Dr. Barnes, this has happened around seven times since she picked up ██████. The O5 Council has voted unanimously to keep Dr. Barnes under close supervision as a precaution for the beginning of any reality or world ending event.

Additional Information: Has an irregular amount of knowledge pertaining to Serpent's Hand and a specific tome in the Library's possession. Further research is advised.

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